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GreyGoose1980 Fri 06-Dec-19 22:57:36

Hi all
I have been prescribed Prednisolone for my next frozen embryo transfer due to recurrent early miscarriage. On reading the side effects I’m beginning to feel a bit nervous taking it (my consultant explained there is evidence it ‘may’ help but no conclusive medical evidence on its effectiveness has been produced yet) Has anyone got experience of taking this medicine? Info on positive or negative experiences would be very helpful. Thanks.

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zzzzzzzx Fri 06-Dec-19 23:02:33

I take it for Myasthenia Gravis. My highest dose was 70mg and I currently take 5mg a day. On 70mg I found it harder to sit down and relax. I think I found sleeping harder. I never put on weight and it never affected my appetite although my face did become rounder. What dose will you be taking and for how long? I have been taking prednisone for 17 years and it has had a slightly detrimental affect to my bones but not too dire. I’m assuming that yours will be very short term and therefore any side affects won’t be overly significant.

LillyLeaf Sat 07-Dec-19 04:58:39

I've been fine taking it, only 10mg per day. No noticeable side effects that could be attributed to the steroids. What side effects are you worried about?

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 07-Dec-19 09:15:50

I take it for my ivf cycles and the only really symptom I get is insomnia which is quite common with it and I was warned about it my clinic so I take mine pretty early in the day so I'm not awake all night

GreyGoose1980 Sat 07-Dec-19 10:17:49

Hi all
Thanks for your replies. I think my main worry was that my consultant said some people a bit feel like @zzzzzzzx described whereby they can’t relax, insomnia and also the possibility it causes low birth rate. I think my anxieties are also more general in that I’ve just reached a point where I’m stressed out by the volume of chemicals I’m pumping into my body chasing after a pregnancy that works out. I plan to take it though and really appreciate the replies. I am on 20 mg. @zzzzzzzx - I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with Myasthenia Gravis.

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PrayingandHoping Sat 07-Dec-19 10:24:58

I took 20mg for my cycle (which worked. Currently have a 6 week old). The main side effect people have they warned me about is insomnia.
They recommend you take it in the morning. My mum took it when she had cancer treatment and she said she felt buzzing all night. I didn't have any side effects from it, but then I have chronic fatigue so it prob made me feel better! And it kept my allergies under control too! I came off just when my hay fever peaked. Bad timing 🤦🏼‍♀️

LillyLeaf Sat 07-Dec-19 10:29:55

I did and do still have insomnia but it's hard to know if it's the steroids or pregnancy or both.


GrandmaSharksDentures Sat 07-Dec-19 10:30:48

I was prescribed prednisalone for the 3rd IVF cycle after the previous 2 failed. I continued it for 3 months after the positive pregnancy test. My son is now 7.
I noticed some changes in my face & definitely had extra hair (in my face - swiftly removed). It wasn't a great experience but I had a successful pregnancy possibly related to the prednisalone so it was worth it
Good luck

GreyGoose1980 Sat 07-Dec-19 10:52:40

Thanks all. You balanced replies have made me feel reassured x

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Softscoop35 Sat 07-Dec-19 12:29:51

Out of interest, how many CP have you had?

Ive just bad my 3nd but 4th miscarriage and i am planning on asking my consultant if i can have this for my up and coming FET.

How close to the cycle starting do you start taking this?

Allthebubbles Sat 07-Dec-19 13:30:23

I had 6 embryo transfers ( 5 frozen cycles) and the only 2 cycles I got pregnant were the ones I took prednisone. I took 20mg in my first pregnancy and 15mg in my second. I took it in the morning and tapered off at around 10weeks pregnant I think.
I can't really remember any side effects at all, although I suppose it could have all mixed in with being pregnant which I'd never done before either. That said my pregnancies were pretty easy.
I took it as after 3 cycles not working I got tested for high natural killer cells and I had them. I would go for it.

Allthebubbles Sat 07-Dec-19 13:34:47

From what I remember you start taking it a week before transfer?

I never had an early miscarriage just didn't get pregnant. Re the feeling of being pumped full of drugs, frozen cycles are a bit like that as you support everything with drugs until the placenta kicks in whereas in a natural cycle the egg follicle does that.
The feeling of freedom from 13/14 weeks when you are finally drug free is amazing!
OP the other drug I was on was clexane which is a blood thinner and optimises blood flow to the embryo, I think baby aspirin can also be used.

Rainatnight Sat 07-Dec-19 13:44:31

I take it from time to time for asthma, usually 40mg a day for five days (so quite a high dose). I definitely find it gives me insomnia and can make me irritable and a bit moody. However, taking it first thing in the morning helps, and reminding myself that any moodiness is just the Prednisolone helps too.

I would say the side effects are very manageable if it helps you get what you really want. smile

Catsandmorecats Sat 07-Dec-19 13:46:44

I take it for my asthma. It’s totally fine. Can make you look a little bit chubby as it causes water retention but once you stop taking it that goes quickly. Take it in the mornings first thing though as it keeps me awake if I take it at night. Also did wonders for my skin, every time I take it people tell me I’m glowing haha

GreyGoose1980 Sat 07-Dec-19 23:24:43

Thanks for all the recent posts. It’s great to hear this has / may have contributed to successful pregnancies for some of you too.
@Softscoop35. I have had three early miscarriages - two with ivf (two out of my four transfers, the other two were BFNs). This will be my fifth embryo transfer in Jan which I’ve just been prescribed Prednisolone for. We are self funding ICSI. I haven’t yet received my schedule from the clinic but believe I’ll start taking it approx one week before transfer.

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LillyLeaf Sat 07-Dec-19 23:52:13

I've also been given Inhixa which is a blood thinner and intralipids which could also help reduce miscarriages.

AliceAbsolum Sun 08-Dec-19 06:48:24

I was on it from EC to test day. I took it at night and noticed no side effects at all. But I was also on estrofem and progesterone and anti biotics and blood thinners so I think my body is just used to being pumped full of drugs. I made a concerted effort NOT to read the side effects.
If it works it'll be worth it!

Tahitiitsamagicalplace Sun 08-Dec-19 06:54:03

Don't read the side effects smile
I was on 120mg a day for a while (cancer treatment) and it did make my face rounder, but I didn't gain weight. It gave me lots of energy and made me feel happy, and I had no trouble sleeping at all.

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