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Marj52 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:06:19

Hello. I am looking for some advice on what happens next.
I have just been to doctors to request fertility testing as TTC for over a year. I only have one tube from previous ectopic probably caused by endometriosis. Had the blood tests this week and ultra sound next week, DH has also been for test. What happens next? Do I see someone else or just the GP? Any advice/experience to share? Thanks.

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tiredsleepysleep Fri 06-Dec-19 11:16:41

It was a long time ago for me, but from memory I think the GP did blood tests, then I was sent to the hospital fertility department for more tests.. had to wait a few months for the appointment. I had further tests including key hole surgery to looks at my tubes (they found endometriosis but lasered it there and then), eventually I was referred to private clinic for ivf for my nhs funded round of treatment. It was a long process. Not everyone gets the same tests as there are so many different issues. It was 5 years in that we had one of our miscarriage foetuses tested which found genetic issues.. it was after that that me and DH then had the blood tests for genetic issues which discovered DH is a carrier. This in turn lead to needing a different type of ivf.

My advice is, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions and chase things up. In hindsight I wish we'd been more on the ball rather than just waiting and being told what to do next.

Kataa Sat 07-Dec-19 12:34:37

Hi @Marj52 i think i’m about 6 months ahead of where you are. GP saw us in late June, did the blood tests and referred us to the fertility clinic. I had to have all the blood tests and an ultrasound via GP before being seen by the fertility clinic. Then the fertility clinic did a hycosy in Sept (which unfortunately didn’t work for me) and semen analysis for my partner. Once all the tests were done we were given an appointment with the consultant in Oct who discussed results and what they wanted to do next. In our case she suggested a laparoscopy, a dye check on my tubes and a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic which I had in November.
My GP has also continued to be involved as I was diagnosed with an thyroid and they’re monitoring that and prescribing medication for it.
Hope that helps! Sounds like if you suspect endometriosis it might go a similar way for you, they found and treated some during my laparoscopy so now have been given 6 months to try and get pregnant before looking at ivf. Sounds like things are moving a bit quicker for you as well, I had to wait about 3 months for my ultrasound so good you’ve got it so quickly!

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