Anybody else have a stupidly short cycle?

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Matilda128 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:15:10

Yes, I also have a stupid short cycle. It also changes between 23 and 26 days. But in a way I think it is good that you ovulate quite early. I do so later on in my cycle which means that I have a luteal phase defect which makes implantation much harder. If you still have around 14 days then you should be fine in this aspect. Still very annoying though. I feel I'm always on my period.

PickledChicory Fri 06-Dec-19 00:35:57

I have stupidly short cycles 21-23days tops before spotting and full flow by day 24-26. You have my sympathies.I have been very lucky and have got pregnant 3x. 1st pregnancy was just off mini pill and fell pg first month, ditto 3rd pg. I only found out I had short cycles when trying to get pg a second time (it took 2years). I started taking seven seas trying for a baby and I found it lengthened my cycles and after a few months on it I did get pg.
My feeling was that short cycles made it difficult to track ovulation and I think it caused issues with implantation.
Im sorry I dont know about IVF and short cycles so I hope someone can help with that. Best of luck I hope the clinic is able to help.

YoureAQuizardHarry Fri 06-Dec-19 00:24:32

Fuck forgot the photo

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YoureAQuizardHarry Fri 06-Dec-19 00:19:40

I'm so sick of my body!!

My cycle is bang on 24 days. I've always thought I've ovulated early every single cycle and it turns out I do.

So 1-2 days after my period I ovulate. How the hell am I meant to get pregnant now my cycle is so short?!

The app is wrong in the sense that the ivf clinic has got my bloods done now and I definitely ovulate 1/2 days after my period ends :/

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