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Lavander29 Thu 05-Dec-19 12:15:13

Hi everyone,

Myself and my OH are at the beginning of our fertility journey, after trying to conceive for 18 months, and being referred to a fertility centre.

We have recently had our sperm analysis results back and they're not good.

I haven't yet been tested for anything other than hormone levels.

Doctors have suggested the supplements which we are both taking daily- I'm using pregnecare and my OH is taking the superdrug male fertility supplement.

I am finding it all really hard - as all I've ever wanted is to start my own family, and the news that I have always feared (something is in fact wrong) has left me feeling like my heart is tearing apart. I am just so full of anxiety of what's to come.

My question is, has anyone had any success using the suplements for improving sperm?

And what options were people in the same boat as us offered?

OH has been diagnosed with Oligoteratozoospermia & aggregation.

His numbers are -

Volume- 4.2

Concentration - 2.3

Sperm number 9.7

Progressive motility- 20%

Non- progressive motility - 22%

Immotile - 58%

Morphology - 0.5%

Thanks so much in advance xx

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JoJoTheresNoLimit Thu 05-Dec-19 12:26:41

Hi there,
My OH had very similar results (5 separate SA tests over 2 years and all showed low/borderline). He took the Superdrug supplements, and then some ridiculously expensive private ivf clinic recommended ones and no improvement.

He then massively increased his gym attendance (3-4 times a week) and took the wellman supplements for 4 months or so prior to our EC. On the day, his SA results had improved three-fold to well into the above average range (first time in 2+ years).

I think the combination of gym and supplements helped.

Lavander29 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:34:51

Thank you so much for your reply!
Can I ask- are you now looking to conceive naturally?

We so far have bought a months supply of the superdrug supplement. Would you suggest after the month swapping over to well man?

Thanks again

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Waymere98 Thu 05-Dec-19 14:45:48

My husband used the Superdrug supplement (are you using the Superdrug supplements, are you using the ones you add to a drink morning & night?.
We saw an improvement in count but only slightly ( he has a very low count of about 3 million) his motility improves the most from just 4 percent to 31 percent. He kept using them for about 6 months but only the motility improved so we have now switched to wellman conception.
I know exactly how you feel lavander29 it’s devastating to say the least, especially for my husband who took it very badly.
We had been trying a lot longer than you and are now waiting to start an ivf cycle.
From referal from the gp to where we are now it has taken around 18 months. But it really depends on where you live some areas are quicker.
I don’t know your exact situation, but I’ve heard a lot of people concieve naturally with male factor I think it depends on the severity. We have been told we will probably never concieve naturally so giving ivf/icsi a go. What your doing right now is good though, keep getting healthy and take of your mental health too, it helps in this journey.

Lavander29 Thu 05-Dec-19 15:18:40

Waymere98, I am so grateful for your message thank you.
I feel like I'm living my worst nightmare. I know there are lots of options, but every result and every appointment takes so long. We are now on a 3 month waiting list just to see the fertility doctor to get some more information- always feel like we are in the dark, thinking the worst.
Maybe we will look at taking the Wellman tablets instead if they have had a better effect.
Thank you

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JoJoTheresNoLimit Thu 05-Dec-19 19:47:24

@Lavander29 well no doubt (ironically) after 3 years of trying we'll end up conceiving naturally lol! But atm, I'm currently letting my body recover from EC. I developed OHSS pretty bad and ended up in hospital, just got out this week and still recovering. We knew we were doing a freeze all anyway because of my risk of getting OHSS and amazingly we now have 14 embryos frozen, ready for a frozen transfer next year - if we don't (of course) conceive naturally first!
This IVF journey is a bad ass crazy rollercoaster and you just never know where you'll end up!
Best of luck to you xxx

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