Struggling with ttc, breaking point.

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wantingformytime Wed 04-Dec-19 07:03:10

Morning all, I'm 30 been ttc for 18 months. Had 4 21 day blood, not convincing of ovulation. Dh has had sperm sample done all normal. Have appointment for the next step, but been reading about clomid and other drugs to make me ovulate and know they carry other risks? What's your experiences? I dont want to mess up my body and would love for it to happen naturally but with every month af arriving and I've had 18 pregnancy announcements from friends and family im finding every day a struggle, worried I cant have kids and that news will break me, feeling on a down hill spiral.

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Sylva123 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:10:10

@wantingformytime so sorry to read how you're feeling. There's lots of really good support on here.
I'm a teeny bit ahead of you (been trying 2 years now) and they've put me on clomid. First round of it, so can't say either way if it is working. My day 21 levels were low and they gave me clomid + progesterone supplements for 3 months. If that doesn't work it'll be IVF, but I am a bit older than you at 36 which is why it's probably a bit quicker to IVF.
I know it's absolutely gutting, every single month, but my advice would be to continue enjoying your life. Don't put it on hold. But do the things you can control - eg see a nutritionist and chat about what food might help, keep going to your appointments and try what the docs suggest. I read "It Starts With the Egg" for some supplement advice. It's a bit overwhelming as there's so much in there, but it helped me to feel I was doing something.

ConstanceL Wed 04-Dec-19 19:46:20

Clomid can help with lots of fertility stuff including low progesterone (if that's why your blood test wasn't showing ovulation). What do you mean about not wanting to mess up your body? I can't see what harm it could do you to try it - as long as you are scanned and monitored.

Sylva123 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:27:15

I'd agree with the advice to go for it with the clomid. It works for a lot of women and actually, for me, I'm so glad to have my progesterone balanced for once. It makes me feel better in myself. Good luck :-)

AliceAbsolum Wed 04-Dec-19 22:01:18

Try the clomid, if it helps you avoid ivf it's worth it! Ask for monitoring though, I was on 50mg which with my amh so low would have done bugger all. But nhs, etc.
What's your amh?

wantingformytime Wed 04-Dec-19 22:23:30

Thank you all for your advice/experiences. The doctor has referred me to fertility clinic, just waiting on a date. Clomid was an explain was given as one of the more simpler treatment to more advanced/invasive being ivf etc. When I googled it, all the risks came up. I understand with any drug there ate side effects, and I'm a worrier. Xx

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Mollie3 Thu 05-Dec-19 15:16:05

Hey, I just want to say I know exactly how you feel. Literally everyone and their mum gets pregnant don’t they when your like hold on what about me?!?!?!?
I used Natures Aid PremEeze Agnus Castus 400mg (60 Capsules) two tablets a day and got my first bfp ever at age 30+ less than two months later. Continued through pregnancy and used progesterone cream too from about 3 weeks. Cut down dosages as pg progressed and came off near due date. Just wanted to let you know what worked for me and to say don’t give up! Where there’s a will there’s a way xx

wantingformytime Thu 05-Dec-19 17:41:31

Thank you @mollie3 everyone is, another lady at work announced pregnancy today again been trying like 5-6 months. Praying someone will give me a break. Not heard of these tablets are they for pregnancy or just a general supplement xx

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Mollie3 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:26:47

Aww bless you, not easy. They’re herbal, help regulate cycle etc. And I believe a traditional age old fertility aid. I don’t know a lot more than that just that they helped me!
I know it’s soooo hard but try to put things in perspective as your only 30. You’ve got ten years on a lot of women who then decide they want kids. A lady I know is 40 and just starting IVF...
I worry too about effects of drugs etc
but if the issue is not ovulating, perhaps the possible rewards could outweigh the risks with clomid. Suppose it might depend how many cycles you take it for. No personal experience of this drug tho x

carleygh Mon 09-Dec-19 00:23:02

@wantingformytime I feel you
I'm pretty similar no
Explained reason and been trying for 18 months.
Periods all over the show only lasting one day and not heavy. Been on Clomid but I was the same I reallt didn't want to as hoped to fall naturally but how long do you wait for it 🤷🏽‍♀️ I take every vitamin going 😂

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