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Intramuscular Progesterone- anyone know why?

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WorriedButterfly Tue 03-Dec-19 22:28:23

Hey - I start progesterone injections and pessaries tomorrow for the first time. I had a MMC at 7 wks in cycle 1 and a dud cycle for cycle 2 (one follie). No one has explained to me why I need these injections and I have just gone along with it. I am now wondering why they give them to people but not all as standard?

Also any tips anyone has would be appreciated as I'm slightly dreading them!

Yurtle Tue 03-Dec-19 22:53:35

Some people seem to have difficulties absorbing progesterone from pessaries alone. Or at least their levels of progesterone in their blood are lower than clinicians would like. They might just be taking a belt and braces approach to making sure your prog levels are good. Is it Lubion or intramuscular progesterone?

Yurtle Tue 03-Dec-19 22:56:03

Ha, just re read the title blush There is also (IMO compelling) evidence that IM progesterone is associated with better success rates than pessaaries alone. It’s a pain to have the injections too but I think I’d be happy with that approach. Certainly without having my progesterone levels measured and confirmed as ok I wouldn’t be happy with just pessaries.

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