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Melissa1983 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:33:07

Hi All

I have recently found out in the past two few months I have bilateral ovarian cysts at around the size of a grapefruit each which are now causing me some very painful symptoms which are becoming unbearable. Due to the risk of damage to my ovaries I was referred for advice on freezing my eggs with my partners sperm before I'm operated on. However I've had a call today from CRM to say it's going to be very difficult to access my ovaries and could cause me even worst symptoms whilst taking the meds so they don't think it's a good idea as it will be extremely painful but it's not a definite no. They just don't advise it. However if they operate there is a high chance I'll never have children, Me and my partner have no children and due to his low sperm count would have always had to have had IVF anyway.

What would you do?

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kell2126 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:06:54

I had an ovary removed due to cysts and torsion in 2015, and I'm currently in the 2ww of my 2nd round of IVF.

Having done a stim cycle, I can see why they'd be extremely reticent to put you through that given you already have highly cystic ovaries. The drugs could make the cysts a whole lot worse. My ovary felt absolutely massive after the egg collection, and I was very swollen in the abdomen.

If it were me, I'd be asking them to give it to me straight: what are the odds of 1) losing both ovaries in the op (losing only one won't rule you out from getting pg); and 2) the ovary/ies functioning normally post-surgery.

Then with that information I'd be having a frank talk with myself and my partner about expectations for future family e.g., whether donor eggs / adoption would be something you'd be open to.

Melissa1983 Wed 04-Dec-19 04:46:04

Thanks @kell2126 for the reply.

The gynaecologist has told me there is a risk of damage to both ovaries and wouldn't know the full extent of what needs to be done until they operate so being very vague. I guess he doesn't want to commit just in case. CRM have said that I can have IVF after no problem but my AMH test came back lower than expected for my age (I'm 37) so she advised it will be even lower after the operation if there was ovary left.

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Melissa1983 Wed 04-Dec-19 04:53:35

@kell2126 good luck on the ivf round, I'm guessing it's an anxious but exciting time smile

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