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Lifesforloving1 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:51:13

Just wondering... how many rounds of ivf did you have before you got a positive? Is it quite rare to get a positive on the first round ? 😊

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shazzz1xx Tue 03-Dec-19 18:58:07

Positive on 1st round but miscarriage at 10 week... positive on 2nd round and my baby girl is 18week today smile

Lifesforloving1 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:34:17

Thanks for commenting, congratulations on your baby girl !
Did you get symptoms before you tested at all ? X

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shazzz1xx Tue 03-Dec-19 20:35:03

no symptoms at all.. I just kept saying it’s not worked.. but I tested before OTD and they were positive.. then a day or 2 before OTD my boobs went sore.. then at 6 weeks morning sickness started and I had it everyday until I gave birth at 40w2d 🤮🤢 good luck will all...

Chirpychirpy3 Tue 03-Dec-19 20:37:34

I got a positive on my first round and I still feel incredibly lucky! Dd is now 7 months old.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 03-Dec-19 23:20:50

Positive first frozen transfer. Was a freeze all due to OHSS x

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 04-Dec-19 09:34:36

Took 5 private cycles and 10yrs ttc. (as df had children so lost my nhs) to get my one. And only ever bfp

I know a few that success first time

Age has something to do with it as well. I was 39 think on my first ivf

Sucessful were 30 and think 33 tho she was icsi due to hubby slow sperm

It’s really a hit and miss thing. No guantee will work. Depends if embryo sticks to lining and grows basically

Willow4987 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:35:50

First round for us - we were very lucky

PrayingandHoping Wed 04-Dec-19 09:36:57

First round for us. She's now 6 weeks old

LemonDrizzler Wed 04-Dec-19 09:37:14

Two full rounds but 4th transfer worked for us. Was pretty sure it wouldn’t happen by that point.

SocksForceFive Wed 04-Dec-19 09:46:11

First round for us - got twins!

EarlGreyT Wed 04-Dec-19 10:22:35

6 rounds full rounds and 6 transfers (one from each cycle). 5 fresh, 6th frozen (which was egg donor and that’s why it worked).

It’s not rare to get a positive on the first round, but statistically a round of ivf is more likely to fail than it is to succeed:

AliceAbsolum Wed 04-Dec-19 12:55:40

3rd. Had 2 embryos put back and a hell of a lot of extra meds (double progesterone, blood thinners, steroids, etc).

Nandu Wed 04-Dec-19 21:15:19

Please tel me ideal T3 and T4 level for getting pregnant,and also tell me the progistron test results

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