Frozen embryo transfer help?

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Stacey2007 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:31:02

So I go for my 2 day scan tomorrow.. but I’m just wondering how many days till they actually do the frozen embryo transfer ? ( I’m doing it on a natural cycle) so no drugs.. Iknow I will find more out tomorrow but I’m so impatient and it seems like we’ve been going through this for ages 😔

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Persipan Tue 03-Dec-19 17:50:28

If you're doing a natural FET, I would assume that transfer would be X number of days after ovulation (where X is the point at which the embryo was frozen - so, if it was frozen on day 5, then 5 days after you ovulate). Essentially, what they're trying to do is ensure that the embryo is at the same point it would be had it wound up there without medical assistance, because your endometrium is generally only receptive for an embryo to implant at around this time.

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