Any advice on choosing a fertility clinic?

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HazelnutRaspberryRoulade Fri 29-Nov-19 11:16:08

I’ve been referred to a fertility clinic because of PCOS and no periods for 8 months now. I have the choice of North Middlesex, Whipps Cross or Homerton. Does anyone have any experience with any of these?

One is much closer to me than the others but I don’t want to go for it if one of the others had a better reputation.

Would really appreciate any help, feel a bit clueless at the moment.

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physicskate Fri 29-Nov-19 11:56:00

Hfea website is where you should start.

HazelnutRaspberryRoulade Fri 29-Nov-19 12:24:52

Thank you very much physicskate! Interestingly Whipps Cross doesn’t seem to be in their list of clinics, not sure why. But definitely some good stats in there.

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