Late 2 nd period after ivf help!

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Stacey2007 Thu 28-Nov-19 20:04:46

Hi ladies so to cut a long story short, we’ve just gone through ivf and I ended up I’ll after egg collection so we was told to freeze the eggs and put in after I’ve had a period.. I had a normal period, so I was just waiting for my 2nd period to start before I went for 2 days scan ( period due 22nd nov) so I thought I was coming on yesterday ( had just a spot of blood) again today, only a tiny spot of blood, so I’ve no idea what’s happing ? I’m suppose to be going in for my 2nd day scan tomorrow as I thought my period had started. I’ve had no more blood. Can this happen after I’ve already had a normal bleed after the egg Collection ? Thanks

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