PCOS and metaformin

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MrsF1989 Thu 28-Nov-19 06:41:25

Hey, I have just been officially diagnosed with PCOS and have been prescribed metformin. Anyone had any experience taking this? smile

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Fredsgirl19 Thu 28-Nov-19 08:44:02

I just started taking this two weeks ago. I was given slow release which I understand is a bit kinder than the original form. I have had quite a few upset tummy’s and have found certain things really set my tummy off on it - pasta being the main thing!! I think advice is to start on a low dose and build up so you get used to it. Interestingly I have noticed lots of high progesterone symptoms since starting it so think it is doing its job!
Good luck

MrsF1989 Thu 28-Nov-19 19:04:23

Thanks for responding. I will make sure I ask for the slow release version then. Sounds positive you are getting signs of high progesterone!! I am going to go to the doctors tomorrow, so will get started on them asap. :-) 🤞 fingers crossed it works!

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beibikeiks Thu 28-Nov-19 20:57:15

I've been on it due to PCOS for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. I only had some side effects at the beginning while introducing my body to the tablets and started on only 500 mg and then upped the dosage to 1000 mg a week later. But once I got used to it, it's great.

The thing with metformin is that the worst side effects are usually due to high sugar/high carb diet, which isn't ideal for someone with PCOS anyways. So as long as you eat relatively healthy you should feel just fine.

MapleLeaff Fri 29-Nov-19 17:07:16


I take metformin - have been taking it since June and my periods returned in October.

I also took a blood test recently and all of my tests were in range after the medication.

MrsF1989 Wed 04-Dec-19 06:15:26

Thanks for your replies. I've been taking the slow release ones for 3 days now (just one tablet to start) and so far no side effects 🤞. Next step appointment to start fertility drugs (which is on xmas eve). Bring on 2020 baby!! 🤞🤞🤞

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