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Miscarriage - delayed bleeding

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Mangotango123 Mon 25-Nov-19 14:02:47

I went to hospital on Wednesday 14 November with bleeding to be told I was miscarrying at 6 wks. The bleeding stopped over that weekend.

Yesterday, so about a week after initial bleed ended, I have some more bleeding. It’s light but quite fresh blood.

I’ve googled it and it seems to suggest that spotting or bleeds a few weeks after MC is norm.

Can anyone advise on this?

Will this have a delay on my next official period?

mouse1234567 Mon 25-Nov-19 19:41:29

Hi OP. During my chemical in June which was at 5.5 weeks I bled heavily for about a week then spotted for about a week and thought it was over but then it came back with vengeance and I bled fairly heavily again for about a week and then spotted a bit. All in all it was about a month before t stopped! Sorry you are going through this -it feels never ending. Currently 11 weeks after my second round (nervous about it all going wrong again but trying to remain hopeful) so I really hope youwill be pregnant again soon.

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