Pain in cycle second cycle after failed ivf

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GreyC Fri 22-Nov-19 23:17:17

Hi guys; I had a failed ivf cycle in October and now waiting for my second period regulated by my own body. First one was a could days later but very standard and no pain. This month I am currently experience heavyness, bloating and pin especially when I move around or eat the bloating gets worse- I think I’m around Ovulation aswell and it’s only my left side where the pain is (my right ovary didn’t produce eggs during stims) didn’t have OHSS as only 5 eggs collected. I’m going to see a gp next week to get checked but I didn’t know if anyone had experienced it? Could it be that my left ovary is just switching back on?

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 23-Nov-19 15:20:00

Was this a full ivf cycle with transfer or just a frozen transfer? Obviously when they go in to collect eggs things get moved around in there so it's possibly just a bit bruised from that now you are ovulating again x

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