High B12/Folate, low vitamin D

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ec1993 Fri 22-Nov-19 17:20:26


I have recurrent miscarriages and my recent blood tests showed low vitamin D, high B12 & Folate.

Has anyone experienced similar?

Thank you

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beibikeiks Sat 23-Nov-19 01:30:21

I haven't had recurrent miscarriages, but I'm struggling to conceive and I had extremely low vitamin D (doctor had never seen such low levels), my B12 was OK but the Folate was too low.

I switched from pills to sprays and liquid supplements and my next set of blood tests was much better.

GrumpyHoonMain Sat 23-Nov-19 01:56:36

I have always had minimal vitamin D - turned out I had a thyroid problem and before it became hypothyroid I would have been producing antibodies. Also did they check your homocystene levels alongside the B12/folate? If not get them to look - high levels could indicate a MTHR folic acid malabsorption mutation

ec1993 Sat 23-Nov-19 09:42:30

Thank you both, I will ask the doctor at my follow up appointment about your suggestions xx

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beibikeiks Sun 24-Nov-19 02:01:08


That's interesting. I'm currently trying to figure out if I have some thyroid problems. I had high thyroid antibodies but my other levels (THS and T3&4) seemed fine.

I've recently moved between countries and the doctor I saw recently just told me to ignore the antibodies, which I did. But then I read an article about Hashimoto's the other day and watched some YouTube videos and I almost cried, because this was like reading about my life and all the health issues I've been having 😱 like all the pieces of the puzzle were finally fitting together.

But I'm worried he's just going to dismiss me again 😕

ec1993 Tue 17-Dec-19 12:50:07

Hi everyone

@GrumpyHoonMain I had an MTHFR test which came back abnormal but I'm waiting to here what the treatment is for it xx

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