Day 9 of stimulation with menopur

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Leigh1989 Fri 22-Nov-19 17:19:47

Thank you for sharing your reassuring stories! Hopefully I'll feel exactly the same as you both x unfortunately I'm not ready for egg collection on Monday, follicles are currently between 13mm and 15mm The nurse seemed confident that it will happen either on Wednesday or Friday so I'm back for a scan on Monday morning to check their progress. Has set me back slightly on the emotional side but in hindsight it's a few days (which feel like months) xx

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Youngatheart00 Fri 22-Nov-19 15:44:55

I actually posted about sedation a month or so ago prior to my EC as I was worried - had only ever had general anaesthetic before.

I can reassure you completely - the IV is the worst bit (and that’s over in seconds), the relaxing stuff they give you straight away is LOVELY, and then the second lot knocked me out completely and I woke up 30 mins later without pain.

Good luck for your egg collection 😊

Iwouldbecomplex Fri 22-Nov-19 15:07:52

I'm glad it helped. I agree hycosy is horrible. I was not expecting it at all and it took my breath away! It's the worst procedure I've had (and I've had soooo many now!). Fingers crossed your follicles are ready!

Leigh1989 Fri 22-Nov-19 08:30:20

Thank you so much for your reassuring words! Made me feel a whole lot better. I think it's because the hycosy has literally traumatised me!! I was not expecting that to be that painful. Currently waiting for my scan to determine the size of follicles and if its happening on Monday or not.

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Iwouldbecomplex Fri 22-Nov-19 06:39:02

I know the first egg collection is scary when you don't know what to expect - I was petrified! But honestly it's really nothing to worry about. You will get a drip in the back of your hand and having that put in is the worst bit by far. Once they have you lying on the bed they will almost straight away give you some sort of relaxant which feels all your troubles have gone away. Then shortly after you'll get a stronger sedative. 2 of my collections I was completely asleep. I remember lying in the bed and feeling relaxed then waking up in recovery. One I was a little bit more aware for as in I could hear voices in the distance but I didn't care what they were saying and there was no pain at all. It's was very dream like. Then the other I actually had no sedation because it had snowed and the anaesthesiologist got snowed in. I was told we could proceed without it or cancel the egg collection but I had to decide there and then. I went ahead. They gave me some local anaesthetic injections to help a bit and whilst it was uncomfortable it wasn't the worst thing I've had done (I thought hycosy was worse) and if I had to id do it again without sedation. Just telling you that to try and explain that even worst case scenario it's not that bad. If you're worried and want to make sure you're completely under just speak to the anaesthesiologist about it when they come to see you before you go in for the collection. It will be fine though, honestly. Good luck!

Leigh1989 Thu 21-Nov-19 11:49:01


Thank you for explaining, I had no idea how quickly they grow. It’s good to know. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Have you or do you know how the sedation works? I’ve heard a lot of people say that the sedation that they will use I won’t be fully asleep. However the nurse reassured me that I will be asleep and have no recollection of the procedure. Xx

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Iwouldbecomplex Thu 21-Nov-19 05:48:31

That sounds a good number to me! Especially as they are all around the same size - what you don't want is some much bigger than others because they will end up triggering you when the lead ones are the right size and that could mean the others never get chance to get big enough. If they're all around the same size that's good for egg collection. You should expect follicles to grow 1-2mm a day so based on 9 days it's about right. Good luck smile


Leigh1989 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:24:58

This is my first round at ivf and I’m overthinking everything! Currently on day 9 of menopur and been taking buserelin since 21st October and in for my second scan on Friday to check the growth of my follicles. Currently have 9 growing at 11cm. Is this normal at this stage? I’ve had no bloating just mild cramps, again had anyone else experienced this? Feeling anxious for Friday as on track for Monday’s egg retrieval. Xx

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