Slow fetal growth

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NRW39 Mon 18-Nov-19 21:38:08

2 years, 4 cycles and alot of money and we got a positive result last month🙃 Best news ever. I walked around in disbelief, then my physical symptoms started and it began to feel real.

I had my early scan this afternoon: everything is there, but really small- 7mm smaller than it should be at 7 weeks

The embyro was 'pulsating', but no heartbeat was detected (it should be easily detected at this stage). We have another scan next Monday to see if it has progressed, but the nurse thinks it's unlikely, but she hopes she's wrong. I do too. So much.

I'm trying to stay positive. It's not over till it's over!! It's so f***ing hard though.

I just need some support. Positive vibes and any success stories.

Thank you ladies x

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Lalla525 Mon 18-Nov-19 21:43:15

How big was the fetus? I had a scan at 6+3 and they dated me back 5+6 because the fetus was smaller than expected (only 4.5mm)

NRW39 Mon 18-Nov-19 21:51:00

I'm 7 weeks and 6 days. The fetus was measuring 4.4mm instead of the expected 11mm

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NRW39 Mon 18-Nov-19 21:52:17

I had a 5 day ICSI transfer, so the dating is pretty accurate...

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Lalla525 Mon 18-Nov-19 22:13:52

Mine is also an icsi baby, hence should be quite precise, yet 4 days is a lot over such a short period.

What do you mean by 'pulsating but no hearbeat'.? My sonographer showed the heartbeat to me and referred to is as 'flashing'.. so maybe that 'pulsating' was the heartbeat?

NRW39 Mon 18-Nov-19 22:31:42

She said there was no heartbeat but in the notes she typed up, she used the word 'pulsating'. I was in so much shock, I didn't read the notes until after we left. But she was quite convinced about the outcome. She said she was really sorry. I asked her if there was any hope and she said not likely.

Before we left, she said; I really hope I'm wrong.

I'm just confused and numb.

I'm just clinging on to the hope that it will catch up by next Monday. There's no alternative thinking for me at the moment.

By the way, thank you for replying so quickly.

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ruralcat Mon 18-Nov-19 23:34:47

What dates did that measurement put you at? Could it be the embryo implanted late.


Untamedtoad Tue 19-Nov-19 00:00:14

I don't want to give you false hope, and don't have any experience with the fertility treatment you've mentioned, but I had an early scan due to a suspected ectopic pregnancy. I thought I was 8 weeks 3-4 days, but all that could be seen was an "empty" yolk sac. No fetal pole, no heartbeat. The sonographer confirmed the pregnancy wasn't ectopic, and said my dates were either wrong, or the pregnancy wasn't progressing, and basically told me to "wait and see", and I'd find out at 12 week scan what the outcome was! I obviously couldn't wait a whole month not knowing what was going on, so booked a private scan for a week later, where clear as day was a teeny tiny baby, complete with heart beat, and measuring precisely to the dates I originally thought. That was 2 years ago, she measured perfectly throughout the rest of the pregnancy, and was born a healthy 8lb5. So much can change from one minute to the next at these early stages, so there may not be a heart beat during the scan, but it could become visible only moments later!
I truly hope you get positive news, it's such a difficult time, trying to carry on as normal, while not knowing what potentially life changing events could be going on inside your own body. Try to stay positive. I'm crossing my fingers tightly for you x

NRW39 Tue 19-Nov-19 09:50:19

Thank you @Untamedtoad. I'm willing it to catch up and grow for us.

Despite the outcome of the scan, I remain more hopeful

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NRW39 Tue 19-Nov-19 09:53:57

@ruralcat. I don't know and she didn't say...
I suppose it's possible, but who knows!

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