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Worried about what lies ahead

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Daisy545 Sun 17-Nov-19 00:53:46

Hi all,

Bit of a long one..
I am currently 24 and never had a period naturally. I started seeing an endocrinologist about 6 years ago and they done very little, I seen her once maybe twice a year and I was just told to stay on tablets (norethisterone) which induced a period for me every 3/4 months. Nothing further was done here.

I then moved and went to a new doctor and was referred to a gynaecologist. All investigations have been done, bloods, scans and recently I had a HYCOSY which showed that I may have one blocked Fallopian tube. They also said they think I have PCOS.

I am now currently on tablets (Metformin) and awaiting my next appointment to discuss the HYCOSY results.

I guess I’m just curious if anyone has went through any of these similar scenarios and how it turned out. Will one Fallopian tube seriously effect conceiving and what should I expect with PCOS, having this is pretty new to me. The tablets I am on are also giving me bad side effects, but I’m determined to continue to see if they work and help me.

Thank you 

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