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28aime Fri 15-Nov-19 21:12:11

Sorry it may be but long winded not too down with all of the acronyms.
My partner and I have been trying for 9 years. Long story short We noticed really early on we hadn't caught pregnant, only 19/20 at the time, we knew we was both young and had an idea my partner had fertility issues due to being told when he was a lot younger. So we waited and lived life had my own business, went on holidays, worked 3 jobs at once etc... while we was young as they say to do, the only thing was we never got pregnant. 25 came and we thought something needs to be looked at, we was knocked back as my partner was 24 his doctor said he wouldn't do the referral as we was still young and needed to try.. fast forward to 26 ish we got the ball rolling. 1 year with gp just to get the referral finally with the fertility specialist to be told we'd never naturally conceive due to male intertility. IVF/ ICSI it was. Nothing else.
March this year came after our initial consultant in October they said we could start. Due to my job and taking 100 young people on residential I asked if we could delay til august. Yep
All agreed. Countdown was on. In the meantime they asked if they could investigate me. I agreed few scans won't hurt. Turns out they found signs of a heart shaped uterus. Autumn came and a kick in teeth that they wouldn't start our ivf as I needed a lap & hysteroscopy.
I've had this done today... and they've prescribed HRT for 2 months. I was a little out of it and just thought it was a pill or something they was giving me when they mentioned hormone tablets.
When I was discharged I was told it was HRT.

I'm confused why I would be given HRT? I know there's probably use other then menopause but
Would anyone have an idea why they've gave me it?

Thank you in advance

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