Waiting times?

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GreenShades Mon 11-Nov-19 18:08:09

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know how long your referral took to come through from Hospital to NHS fertility clinic?

Its been 4 weeks and still not heard anything yet.

Thank you.

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squirrelnutkins1 Mon 11-Nov-19 18:20:35

Have you checked your gp has sent it? Mine took about three weeks to even be sent to the hospital 🙄

Scotgirl1 Mon 11-Nov-19 19:38:13

@GreenShades I was referred end of June by GP and appointment letter came in August for early September

GreenShades Mon 11-Nov-19 20:10:39


I mean being referred to a clinic/hospital for IVF.

My GP referred me to the hospital and now after many tests etc I have now been referred to another hospital of my choosing for IVF.

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Lauren83 Mon 11-Nov-19 20:57:12

Guidelines set often say within 16 weeks

squirrelnutkins1 Mon 11-Nov-19 20:57:38

Oh sorry. When you said fertility clinic I thought you meant you were right at the start of your journey, being referred for initial consultation.

Hope you get an ivf date thru soon 👍🏻

GreenShades Tue 12-Nov-19 06:27:49

@squirrelnutkins1 thank you. I'm going to ring today to see what's going on.

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GreenShades Tue 12-Nov-19 14:32:23

So I rang up today and my referral still has not been sent! Apprantly the consultant has not dictated the referral letter yet. 4 weeks just wasted.

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