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Dot457 Mon 11-Nov-19 11:39:47

Hi all.

Had IVF back in March, cutting a long story short, going for another round privately but need my AMH levels in order to proceed. I called the clinic where we had our first round of IVF, they said they didn't have it on record as it's not something they do routinely. When we had our first round there was so much information to take in that in the end I wasn't sure what I had done and what I didn't, so I just assumed this would have been done in the process as I had my bloods taken most weeks? Is it normal to not have your AMH done during a round of IVF?

Anyway, the new clinic need this information before we can proceed, my GP said this isn't something they can do so I have to go to a private hospital in order to have the test and get the results which is fine. However there doesn't seem to be a straight forward process. I looked at the home kits but not really comfortable with doing that my self. (I'd probably do something wrong!)

Does anyone know the best way to proceed? I called a private hospital this morning and they didn't know either so just wondered if anyone has had to do this before so I know which is the best way to go? Thanks in advance! xx

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Vslightlystressy Mon 11-Nov-19 11:53:21

I have just had mine tested (this morning!) - we are paying privately for IVF - the clinic we are using literally gave us a list of things we had to organise tests for, the number at the clinic to call to arrange and the price. They should be able to do this year for you. It was £80 where we are going.

Wesstywoo Mon 11-Nov-19 11:55:46

Hi @Dot457 will your clinic not do it? If not any private IVF clinic or a private GP will do it. Costs around £100

Dot457 Mon 11-Nov-19 12:09:40

Hello both smile @Vslightlystressy & @Wesstywoo - thank you both!

So basically I got "discharged" if you will from my old clinic at around the end of March, never had a follow up. When I rang them this morning they advised me that they didn't have the information, so I said if I paid to have it done with them at my old clinic, would they basically be able to do tis for me just so I have a record of this to take to the new clinic.

The nurse advised that because the new clinic that we are potentially going with, is not one of their partner clinics so they can't do the test, which is really annoying.

We haven't yet booked a consultation with the potential new clinic, It's ABC in Manchester because we're based in Leeds. And you have to meet a certain criteria before you have the consultation, and one of the criteria is to have a good AMH level so need to get this before we can potentially proceed. Hope that makes sense!

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Wesstywoo Mon 11-Nov-19 12:12:04

@Dot457 call Care Fertility in Manchester - I'm sure they will be able to help

Vslightlystressy Mon 11-Nov-19 12:45:00

Hi - it was Leeds fertility at seacroft which did my test this morning so they can possibly do it.

Dot457 Mon 11-Nov-19 12:55:34

@Vslightlystressy - how weird, thats who I called this morning as thats where I went to have my first round haha. Are you also having treatment with them? They said to me that because I'm not continuing treatment with them that they can't do it?! But I'm paying for it and literally just need it on a piece of paper if that makes sense. So I'm confused why it can't be done. I'd love to go back with them but ABC in Manchester are a lot cheaper, we got quoted about 7k if we go back to Leeds and we just don't have that to dig out at the moment!xx

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Vslightlystressy Mon 11-Nov-19 13:15:44

Yes - seeing one of the consultants there privately. Have you looked at Jessops in Sheffield - they may be cheaper and do the Amy test.

Dot457 Mon 11-Nov-19 14:07:09

Thanks @Vslightlystressy. I'll definitely take a look into them, we've considered a few over the weekend and not heard of that one yet. Can I just ask and feel free to not answer as it might be a bit personal, but did you request the AMH to be done? Or did they just do it? They said two people checked my file and said it was never done but I can't understand why because I only have one ovary, and when we had IVF the first time we only got 4 eggs, so you'd think they would have wanted to check this first... I'm a bit confused with it x

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Vslightlystressy Mon 11-Nov-19 14:11:17

We saw the consultant - privately - he gave a list of three things we needed to pay and get done at the clinic, and a list of other tests we needed/information and confirmation from our GP, so it is for me a separate visit and cost - it may be wrapped up with other things if you are funded. For us it is needed to confirm the approach we will be taking going forward at the next meeting we have with the consultant in mid December.

ellesbellesxxx Tue 12-Nov-19 06:37:05

We had a kit that we took away and went to local hospital... they happily took the blood and helped me package it up to send in the post!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 12-Nov-19 07:10:00

It's usual to have it done privately with IVF so they can decide on what level of stims to put you on - on the NHS you are getting a very basic service that's not Necessarily specifically tailored to you - I wasn't offered it on NHS and we had to pay the NHS hospital had we wanted it done

physicskate Tue 12-Nov-19 08:36:38

I've never had it done. I had one (successful) round of ivf on the nhs. Had my collection and transfer at seacroft too!!

Dinosauraddict Tue 12-Nov-19 08:50:34

I had it done privately. Cost me £65 (I think). Was just a simple blood test and analysis, and results came through quickly. I also needed it for private treatment and the NHS wouldn't do it, but your potential new private clinic should definitely be able to do it!

Si1ver Tue 12-Nov-19 08:56:26

I had mine done on line. The right day of the month didn't fall on a day my local private clinic tested (Mon-Wed only confused) for several months and I didn't want to delay starting IVF.

I bought a kit online, took my own blood samples, sent it off and they emailed me the results. Think it cost about £50. I can look up who we used if you want.

Lauren83 Tue 12-Nov-19 09:16:13

Most clinics will only offer it for patients having treatment there unless you buy a package that includes it as part of an MOT, CARE definitely won't just do a blood test for non patients, you could try Pall Mall medical in Manchester

Lauren83 Tue 12-Nov-19 09:18:44

Also not all clinics do it before treatment, you get some that do an AFC/AMH/FSH and then some that do one or two or those, you will find different clinics have different opinions on it, some will do an AFC and if it indicates possible low reserve an AMH to further check or just do AMH for women 36+ for eg

Dot457 Tue 12-Nov-19 10:25:14

Thank you. The clinic we we're looking at going with, have to have the results before they see me so that they know if I meet the criteria or not. I'm just struggling to get a private hospital to do it for me. Can't seem to get through to a department that is able to do it? It's not the cost that bothers me, I just want to get it done. But my local fertility clinic won't because I'm not going back with them... I'm based in Leeds/Wakefield area so surely there should be somewhere that can do it. I'm also very apprehensive about taking my own blood so I don't really fancy getting one of those home kits. Thanks all for your suggestions smile xx

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 12-Nov-19 12:07:41

Yes ABC are quite strict in their requirements to be able to offer such a cheap package and you have to have normal AMH - I'd speak to their sister clinic Create to see if you can get them done there

Si1ver Tue 12-Nov-19 18:07:31

When I say 'take your own blood' - you mean you prick your finger with a lancet and drip blood into a test tube. It's really pretty easy, but obviously if it's not for you it's not. I would have preferred to have it done in clinic too but it was literally going to add months to my timescales and I couldn't cope with that.

Si1ver Tue 12-Nov-19 18:12:23

Oh, try calling Blue Horizon. They'll find you someone locally who can do the phlebotomy. They did my HCG testing when I had a MC, outsourced to a private hospital.

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