Anyone else TTC with high prolactin and PCOS?

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LaurenN23 Mon 11-Nov-19 10:44:31

Hi, looking for some others in a similar situation as I'm struggling to find any buddies!

TTC for nearly 2 years, diagnosed with PCOS, cycles varied from 43 days to 190 days, all anovulatory. Blood tests diagnosed me with high prolactin so now I am on Cabergoline and have been for 6 weeks.

Last cycle I was given Provera to induce a bleed and I ovulated for the very first time on CD21, with the help of Cabergoline - couldn't believe it! Unfortunately no pregnancy so now I'm waiting for ovulation, if it will happen again.

Whenever I take Provera, I have the standard bleed that you would expect and then around 33 days later I always have another bleed. It's the cycle after that, that's always a really long wait (50 days+) so I'm nervous that the ovulation was a fluke and I'm going to be waiting months for it to happen again!

If anyone can relate or give advice/success stories that would be amazing!

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AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 11-Nov-19 15:09:04

Did a blood test confirm that you ovulated?.

What else are they proposing on trying here?. How often are you seen by the hospital?.

How is the PCOS here being addressed by the doctors?. Are you a candidate here for ovarian diathermy (a keyhole surgery op where the cystic follicles on the ovaries are punctured with an electrical laser or needle. This can kickstart ovulation).

LaurenN23 Mon 11-Nov-19 16:42:49

@AttilaTheMeerkat yes blood test confirmed ovulation, I also had my very first positive opk and sustained temp rise. I am seeing the consultant on 20th Nov to discuss next steps (I already have clomid ready to go but they didn't want me to start that until my prolactin levels have lowered)

My PCOS isn't currently treated, I think they wanted to see if the treatment for high prolactin reduces any of the other issues such as irregular cycles (yet to know for sure as I've only had one cycle since starting the meds 6 weeks ago)

No idea about the ovarian drilling, not something I have been offered or heard about but imagine the next step will be clomid or just waiting for myself to ovulate again (if I'm lucky!)

Do you have experience with this?

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