9 follicles less than 10mm at first scan

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Rd12 Wed 06-Nov-19 10:20:41

Hi, at my first scan I have 3 follicles at about 13mm and 9 at less than 10mm. Has anyone had a similar experience? Do all the small ones grow or is there a chance they will be no good? Also I am trying to do ICSI without my work knowing and having to take all my holiday. I wonder how many days it might be until egg collection from here? Today was my first scan a week after starting Menopur. I am 38 and don't know if this is likely to have an impact. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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physicskate Wed 06-Nov-19 12:51:39

Yes, they should all/ mostly all grow. A few may not, but the drugs would hopefully make hem all grow. You will probably trigger when many/ some are close to 17mm. It's a clinical decision made by your doc as you don't want them to get too large for a number of reasons...

It's considered normal growth for 1-2 mm per day. If the smaller ones grow too slowly, they will still trigger when a few get above be 17. If they grow too slowly, they would have been very unlikely to be successful eggs anyway...

All of this has massive pinches of salt, bear in mind!!!

Sounds pretty good though!! Good luck!!!

GrumpyHoonMain Wed 06-Nov-19 12:53:22

They should all grow if they’re between 9-10mm. It’s the ones under 6-7mm that can be hit and miss.

Iwouldbecomplex Wed 06-Nov-19 15:05:47

At this rate I would guess EC would be Tuesday but these things can be unpredictable so you won't really know for sure until the end of the week. If you're trying to keep it hidden from work I would maybe book the beginning of next week off now to stop it looking suspicious and to give your work decent notice. You could always cancel if needed.

Rd12 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:21:31

Thanks for the replies. I thought it was all fairly good but then with the difference in sizes and so many small ones I wasn't sure. Next scan on Friday. I suppose I will have a better idea then?! I was hoping for collection Monday as I have booked the day off but I'm guessing that will be too soon

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 06-Nov-19 19:27:18

Some of them might catch up but from what I've seen with my cycles and comparing them to my friends that it's the ones close in size you have best chance with - I had similar sizes at the same stage and whilst the smaller ones did grow and they did collect them only a few fertilised which correlated with the ones which were close in size at around 13mm at this point

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