Less than 1% morphology, very low count, very low motility. Is there any chance?

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Kate806 Wed 06-Nov-19 01:29:53

Thanks, I needed that. Its not nice to hear, but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel in that it can be improved.
Will join in on the MFI thread. Thank you x

No they didnt test for the antibodies. I will definitely look into that.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! x

Thanks, will look into that one. We have been given a supplment called Profert, never heard of it before. Will look into others though! x

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 05-Nov-19 08:07:07

Yes we had similar whilst DH was taking anti depressants - tell him to look at Proceive Max for men - it's got a lot more "stuff" in it than Wellman
Lifestyle change, reducing smoking and drinking etc should help improve things but you won't see difference for at least 3 months x

Rubberduckies Tue 05-Nov-19 07:43:37

Yep, we had similar. Did they test for antisperm antibodies? This was our main problem that caused the problems with count and morphology. Went for ALL the supplements for us both while we were waiting on the waiting list for IVF.

Coenzyme 10, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C, everything you usually hear. I found some study about Timulous Tribulous, saying that the men with high antisperm antibodies took tribulous and most got their wives pregnant. It wasn't a great written or implemented study, but we thought it was worth a go!

I ended up getting pregnant naturally just before we were due to start treatment. Obviously this isnt the way it always goes. I think some of it was that we'd 'given up' in a way and were just waiting for the IVF so it took the pressure off us both.

Embri Tue 05-Nov-19 07:13:01

Hi @Kate806 you are not alone!

My husband had a bad SA (caused by late surgery to undescended testicle in childhood) and I put him on wellman conception, co-enzyme q10 200mg and 1000mg vitamin c daily and he had some improvement within 4-5 months. This shows the original results and the improvement:
His count has gone from 5.1 per ml to 6.2
Progressive motility 5% to 26%
Non-progressive has stayed the same at 10%
Morphology has gone from >1% to 2%

We are still going to have to have ICSI, we have our first appointment on the 18th November at the clinic but we are looking with the view of get the sperm as good as possible for the ICSI and if we get pregnant on the way then fab! 😊

There is a MFI support group thread a bit further down where there are lots of people in the similar situation, it’s worth joining in on that.

DH initially was devestated, he felt like he was never going to have children, but he has now read up on it and asked questions to has started to accept that we hopefully will have children but likely to not be in the normal way!
Hope this helps, I know that it isn’t the wonderful result you will want to read but hopefully you can see that some improvements can be made.

Kate806 Tue 05-Nov-19 05:21:21

Hi, my first posting as I have only just joined the site.

Just come back from initial testing and everything is fine on my part, except a couple of ovarian cysts.

Husband has 'very severe' sperm issues:
- less than 4 million count
- less than 1% morphology
- less than one third of normal motility

Doctor has prescribed supplements and suggested a retest in three months. He said we can try naturally during that time but have a very very low chance of actually conceiving.Doctor suggested IVF and ICSI if the supplements don't work.
Husband is really depressed and no idea what to say to him.was certainly not expecting this as we are both pretty healthy.

Does anyone have experience of having issues with all three factors affecting sperm? I can only find threads about issues with only one factor.

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