TTC 14 months in with PCOS

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88Rose Sun 03-Nov-19 15:11:38

Hi Guys,
I have irregular cycles. PCOS. Been on the pill for 5+ years, cane off the pill August 2018, TTC for 14 months. Never conceived before. My endocrinologist put me on Metformin and I've now been on the full 2000mg daily dose for two months. My cycles have gone from 175 days to 39 days (last cycle). Today is cycle day 30 for me. No sign of AF. We BD on the right days, had positive OPK and flashing clear blue digital OPK. I felt ovulation for the first time and the OPK's confirmed it. I'm currently 13 DPO and I think this morning I saw a line with fresh morning urine. I've inverted the colours. Can anybody else see a second line? I'm so used to seeing plain white but then I hope I'm not getting line eyes. My boobs have been tender to touch for past 2 weeks and my jeans don't fit! I'm planning to buy some FRER from Superdrug's later today and test tomorrow morning. Please give me your honest opinions. Baby dust to all xx

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