Cyclogest suppositories constant worry

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Florencehill Sun 03-Nov-19 00:22:53

Forgive the 'warts and all' content but I need reassurance please!
I've been taking Cyclogest for 8 days now as I am having IVF. I wasn't given any advice on how to use them and my main worry is that they aren't being absorbed. I asked the clinic how long they need to stay inside to be absorbed and they said 30 mins. However, I have such inconsitancies in the white residue that appears in the toilet bowl after a poo that I worry sometimes it hasn't absorbed. This ranges from white oily liquid to semi disovled bullet shape. Twice I have tried vaginally and the first time after half an hour of lying down I wiped a lot of milky residue, the second was left in overnight and a lot less leaked out in the morning.
I would feel reassured by anyone else who has used them rectally and had similar experience that didn't affect a positive pregnancy outcome.

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Brenna24 Sun 03-Nov-19 00:29:56

I used them both rectally and vaginally up to week 24 of my last pregnancy (for recurrent miscarriage not because of IVF). You always get some waxy/oily residue leaking out either way but still get plenty of progesterone absorbed. I have never had a bullet shaped bit come back out though.

Florencehill Sun 03-Nov-19 01:12:40

Hi Brenna24
Thanks for your reply. I hope your last pregnancy went well. I'm so sorry to hear about recurrent miscarriage. I too had a miscarriage last year.
I've found using cyclogest tough. Constantly thinking they are the make or break of my early pregnancy. I need to stop stressing. Im 41 and not entitled to another round of IVF so hoping this time works.

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Persipan Sun 03-Nov-19 06:33:19

I always used them rectally. It's really, really normal to have some residue when you go to the loo after using them. You'll probably find that it's a bit less apparent on occasions when they're in there for longer before you go, but it's all fundamentally a bit inconsistent and that's nothing to worry about. The thing to remember is that the white waxy stuff is just a medium to get the progesterone into you - it isn't the progesterone itself. That's being absorbed invisibly. So you should expect the white stuff to be coming back out again when it gets the chance!

Florencehill Sun 03-Nov-19 09:56:22

@Persipan Yes that makes sense to me now. Thank you for putting it like that.( This is by far the worst bit of IVF. At least with injections, you know the drugs are being absorbed.)

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AliceAbsolum Sun 03-Nov-19 14:21:20

Shove em up your bum! Much easier. Just try not to poo for 20min after.

TheArtfulScreamer1 Tue 05-Nov-19 19:47:43

I had sucessful IVF last year and used the pessaries for 8 weeks at first I used them vaginally and there was alot of mess and discharge and then I had to use them rectally as they started giving me thrush like symptoms again there was a bit of mess but not as bad as using them vaginal. Anyway whichever way they were inserted they appear to have done the job as my DD is currently buggering about in her cot when she should be going to sleep. Good luck with your treatment flowers


Florencehill Wed 06-Nov-19 12:08:36

@TheArtfulScreamer1 Thanks for the positive story. I still have till Sunday to find out if my first try at IVF has worked.

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TheArtfulScreamer1 Wed 06-Nov-19 12:47:49

Fingers crossed for you I only needed one round after TTC for 5 years without a whisper of a BFP and I've just noticed your username and my DD is Florence so I'm taking that as a good omen for you smile

Florencehill Wed 06-Nov-19 17:02:48

Awwwww that's a lovely message @TheArtfulScreamer1 thank you! I'm encouraged by how successful you were. I was only trying 8 months naturally but I am 41 so IVF was the best option for me. I have at least 2 frozen eggs so still hope if this one fails.

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Brenna24 Wed 06-Nov-19 22:54:48

I have everything crossed for you here. Thanks for your lovely words. My last pregnancy is now a nearly 2 year old party animal who doesn't stop for a second (that's her not long asleep now after a nearly 2 hour long party in bed. She came early at 35 weeks, we have no idea why, she just decided to turn up and I went into early labour. But she came out healthy and after a few days battle to get her feeding well, hasn't looked back. I was 40 when she was born if that helps.

Florencehill Thu 07-Nov-19 09:57:31

@Brenna24 lovely to hear you have a healthy happy baby. You know my best friend has a daughter called Brenna so I am taking it as a good sign.( Its rare where I live but suits her perfectly as her late grandmother was called Brenda and her Daddy is Irish) Thanks for your encouragement. Yes you having a baby at 40 is encouraging. X

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Brenna24 Thu 07-Nov-19 21:49:39

How lovely. I hope that it is a good sign. Please keep us posted.

Florencehill Fri 08-Nov-19 12:24:30

Found out last night that I have just one egg frozen (the other two weren't suitable). That was upsetting as I was confident I had two. If this fails the frozen one is my last free hope. After that I will have to go privately.
Not long to wait now till test but the suspense is hard to bare.

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TheArtfulScreamer1 Fri 08-Nov-19 12:37:51

My numbers were similar 6 eggs collected 4 fertilised, 1 implanted and 1 suitable for freezing. I was really disappointed at the time but the old cliche of it only takes one was certainly true for us and hopefully lightening will strike twice next year when we use the frostie.

Florencehill Sat 09-Nov-19 08:58:42

@TheArtfulScreamer1 great that you have a "frostie" in reserve and of course I wish you well with that. X

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Florencehill Sat 09-Nov-19 09:10:59

So here is my test from 7am. Looks like a feint positive which I am hopeful about. My actual test date is Monday. Meanwhile I have been diagnosed (at 2am this morning!) with plaurisy (inflammation of lungs - I have upper back pain and cracking noise when doc listenened to it) I also have water infection. Fun times! Waiting for the fertility centre to call back. I want to rule out a blood clot. Plaurisy is usually associated with a cough and I haven't had one.

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Brenna24 Sat 09-Nov-19 19:56:24

That looks promising. Congratulations. And get well soon.

Indella Sat 09-Nov-19 19:59:17

I wouldn’t call that a faint positive, that’s clearly positive! Congratulations

TheArtfulScreamer1 Sun 10-Nov-19 00:23:32

Yep a very clear positive I knew it was a good omen your user name was Florence. Bad news on the pluerisy (sp) and water infection hope you get well soon.
Thanks for the good wishes, can't wait to put myself through all the emotional turmoil again next year confusedgrin

Florencehill Sun 10-Nov-19 07:15:06

@TheArtfulScreamer1 Thanks so much. You know what, Florence is still on my list of favourite names. I'm a bit annoyed that the fertility clinic wouldn't acknowledge my result because "it's very early to test" I don't call 48 hours early very early. I used a clear blue digital test a couple of hours later and after an anxious wait while a primitive egg timer flashed on the display the box reads "pregnant 1-2" (weeks). Yes what an intense and anxiety ridden experience IVF is, but we'll worth it! My wishes are that I can pass 3 months for the first time.

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Florencehill Sun 10-Nov-19 07:16:44

@Indella many thanks, no doubt the line will be darker soon

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Florencehill Sun 10-Nov-19 07:17:48

@Brenna24 thanks so much. I'm feeling a bit better already.

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Florencehill Tue 19-Nov-19 09:31:40

Hello all,
To update you I am 5 weeks pregnant now but yesterday was very upset to find that I was bleeding at 9am in work. The fertility clinic said to rest and come in if the pain is unbearable. I'm due my first scan Dec 4th and they said they won't bring that forward as its too early to be able to determine anything. The blood was orangey, then a short flash of bright red, then very pale pink and still pale pink 24 hours later.
Anybody got and advice or similar experience? When does an Early Pregnancy Unit start scanning from? I was inconsolable yesterday as I had a miscarriage last year at 8 weeks and I thought this was happening again but symptoms very different.

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MiMiMaguire Sun 24-Nov-19 18:23:00

How are you now? Do the clinic have you on progesterone support?

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