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seven201 Sat 02-Nov-19 19:05:05

Our third has filled up.

For anyone who is taking clomid for whatever fertility reason.

I'll do some tagging later!

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seven201 Tue 05-Nov-19 08:16:35

@doomkittycleo ignore me! I now remember you had it already. Hope you're feeling ok in the tww?

@Marmite83 how are you feeling after your transfer?

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doomkittycleo Tue 05-Nov-19 09:07:22

@seven201 think I might be starting with OHSS, waiting for the clinic to call me this morning to discuss it. 😞

Marmite83 Tue 05-Nov-19 10:35:22

Oh no @doomkittycleo, I really hope not. What symptoms have you got?

Hi @seven201, thanks for asking after me. I'm feeling pretty normal. Boobs are very sore but that's the progesterone shots and pessaries I'm taking. Took my last shot last night, which also contains hcg, so have started testing this morning with the hope that I can test out the hcg before OTD. If by some miracle I get a bfp on OTD I want to be able to trust it. How are you getting on?

Emzolive Tue 05-Nov-19 14:17:29

Hi everyone
So I have my day 12 scan tomorrow morning to see if the first round of clomid is working 🤞 I'm getting slight cramps and just did this opk is this positive?! I know sometimes 2 lines can still mean negative 😬 will test again later tonight.

Goingbacktokansascity Tue 05-Nov-19 14:39:47

@Emzolive negative I’m afraid! The lines have to be equally as dark or the test line darker than the control line

doomkittycleo Tue 05-Nov-19 14:40:49

@Marmite83 been for a scan today and it’s not OHSS, just general bloating and tender ovaries from EC.

Phew 😅, another week to test day!

@Emzolive that’s definitely a negative, it’s only a positive once both lines are equally dark or the test line (the one furthest away from the coloured handle) is darker than the control line.

Most people have 2 lines throughout their entire cycle, just of varying darkness.


Goingbacktokansascity Tue 05-Nov-19 14:46:49

@doomkittycleo that’s great news I’m glad no OHSS. Can’t wait for you to get your BFP next week 🥳 (PMA and all that )

Marmite83 Tue 05-Nov-19 14:47:14

That must be a relief @doomkittycleo. Hopefully next week will bring good news for both of us! Btw, there's an Oct/Nov IVF thread if you fancy joining us, there's a lovely bunch of ladies on there smile

BonTon Tue 05-Nov-19 14:48:33

@ComeTheFuck0nBridget - yes he has, it’s all fine...Which he’s very proud about ha ha!

@seven201 - very true but everyone else seems to fall pregnant very quickly! Although I’m sure they don’t in reality!

The nurse is going to talk to the doctor about moving to gonadtrophins instead as apparently most people are pregnant within 4 cycles of clomid and if not, it’s time to try something else...just waiting to hear back.

doomkittycleo Tue 05-Nov-19 14:51:19

@Goingbacktokansascity and @marmite83 thanks you guys. The nurse seemed to think my symptoms are because I’m gonna get a bfp (although she obviously said not to take her word for it as she can’t be certain), she suggested I could probably get away with testing on Sunday, but I’ll see how I feel. Atm I’m in no hurry to test.

Ooh can you share me the link for that group @Marmite83 I looked for one a while back, but couldn’t find it.

Goingbacktokansascity Tue 05-Nov-19 14:56:50

@doomkittycleo I agree with the nurse 😉

doomkittycleo Tue 05-Nov-19 15:05:53

@Goingbacktokansascity, I’m not sure I’m ready to know the result.

I didn’t enjoy being pregnant last time, it was full of nausea, anxiety and tension. I think the longer I don’t know the easier it is on my mind.

I want another child don’t get me wrong, but pregnancy sucks.

Goingbacktokansascity Tue 05-Nov-19 15:28:21

@doomkittycleo I feel you because I had hyperemesis and bleeding last time, but the crushing disappointment of negative tests is making me so ready to be pregnant. This time will be different for you(I’m hoping). I think second pregnancies might be easier psychologically (I hope)

Marmite83 Tue 05-Nov-19 15:51:41

Hopefully this will work @doomkittycleo

I know exactly what you mean, pregnancy does suck, but I also want to be pregnant again so badly. Infertility madness! Also, my clinic does OTD as 9dp5dt so I'm inclined to agree with the nurse but understand your hesitation. I got a nice strong positive at that point last time. Hang in there, really hope your symptoms are a good sign!

seven201 Tue 05-Nov-19 18:58:48

@doomkittycleo phew - so glad it was a false alarm!

@Marmite83 love your testing out the hcg shot plan!

I've got an awful cold and just want to stay in bed forever. Instead I went to work and had to teach a full day. I got my progesterone blood test today and it showed I ovulated (on day 28 ish) so that's good. Got my ivf consultation on Monday, so I've been collecting test results etc. I even bought myself a new notebook to record stuff in. It's nice to feel like you're doing 'something' amongst the endless waiting that is ttc!

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carleygh Wed 06-Nov-19 07:42:19

Hi ladies :-)
I hope you don’t mind me joining in, my friend suggested a forum as I haven’t really had anyone to relate to and it’s good to read through other people’s stories. I’m on my last (6th) round of Clomid, no diagnosed problems and health all pretty good so bit of a strange one. Been trying for a year and a half but just don’t seem to get any side effects or signs of ovulation.... x

Goingbacktokansascity Wed 06-Nov-19 08:14:48

Welcome @carleygh! Sorry to hear about the no ovulation? Have they increased the dose to maximum? In my case they prescribed letrozole after clomid failed and I ovulated on triple dose of that and had my boy so don’t give up hope

carleygh Wed 06-Nov-19 08:27:06

Sorry I wrote that and realised it was not entirely clear. So from the two blood tests I have had (1st and 4th cycle) they both showed signs of ovulation however for me I have zero signs of anything and the ovulation tests have all showed negative so I’m baffled. I’ve bought the clear blue ones for this month but torn between “wanting to give it everything I can and trying not to stress and overthink it” it’s so hard as reading some threads people mention that it is common for it not to be as successful if it hasn’t worked in the first few cycles? X

BonTon Wed 06-Nov-19 08:33:53

Hi @carleygh... sorry to hear it’s not having the right results. have they scanned you at all during the treatment? I’ve just finished 3 unsuccessful rounds of clomid (although was ovulating each time) and they scanned me each time from about day 10 to the day of the trigger shot to see how the follicles were developing. the clear blue tests are supposed to be very accurate so it might be worth testing if they’re not scanning you, so you don’t miss it - I know that is stressful if nothing is happening though. I also would have thought it might be time to try something else if six rounds haven’t worked? I’m just about to start Gonadotropins.... x

AmyMaria2 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:28:34

@carleygh I got my bfp on my 6th cycle after ovulating all the way through and thinking it just wasn't going to happen. Good luck XX

carleygh Wed 06-Nov-19 09:51:07

Oh wow really smile this makes me hopeful! I’ve not heard of any success stories on the last round so this makes me happy. They say I am ovulating but I physically have no symptoms or signs and the tests are all negative so I am obviously being unlucky when I am testing if that makes sense. Going to try and test each day this month with the clear blue ones xx

carleygh Wed 06-Nov-19 09:54:12

Thank you for your reply :-) it is all very strange I have had two scans and both are showing good follicle sizes so they are happy with how it is working. It is just myself not having any signs and I think maybe I am doing the ovulation tests at the wrong time maybe? I am doing the clear blue ones this month and I will do them each day to see but I am getting mixed reviews to when I should start doing them? I am taking 5 tablets from day 2 of my cycle x

CharlotteCx Wed 06-Nov-19 10:36:29

@Goingbacktokansascity morning! Ewcm, do you get that right before you ovulate? I had tons on Sunday and dtd Monday and last night & Friday. I haven't been temping this month, just OPK. When do you reckon it's likely I ovulated? Monday? X

CharlotteCx Wed 06-Nov-19 10:36:56

@AmyMaria2 hi hun! How are you? Xxx

Goingbacktokansascity Wed 06-Nov-19 10:52:55

@CharlotteCx I’m not sure sorry! Clomid can mess with hormones and change normal discharge too so I can’t put money on it. Do you have scans/bloods this month?
I guess it actually doesn’t matter when you ovulated I’d just keep DTD every two days and test day your period is due

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