Next steps?!

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EssJayyCee Fri 01-Nov-19 21:53:39

What happens next?

I have had all the blood tests and ultrasound tests which confirm cysts on my ovaries and not ovulating. I have irregular cycles. But not been diagnosed with PCOS.

TTC baby #1 for 15 months.

Potentially getting referred to the gynaecologist soon... but what would the next step be for someone in my situation?

What have other peoples experiences been with similar problems?

Thanks x

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ForeverHopeful67 Fri 01-Nov-19 22:16:48



I'm in a very similar position, been TTC for 9 months, very irregular cycles and not ovulating. Have had bloods and scans which all come back fine and have been referred to gynae/ fertility specialist just awaiting my appointment now!

I also took provera for a while which did help regulate my periods but had no long term affect. Has your doc said they're going to refer you?


EssJayyCee Sat 02-Nov-19 13:27:58

Hi @ForeverHopeful67
It's rubbish isn't it sad
Wow you've got everything moving quickly with only having been trying 9 months!

My referral letter actually came today. Spooky really.
November 13th I will hopefully get some help.
I don't know if I will be given anything on the initial appointment though or whether it's
Just an initial assessment? I hope I get some kind of help. More talking and more waiting will not make anything better!

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ForeverHopeful67 Sat 02-Nov-19 20:03:37

@EssJayyCee so rubbish !!sad they referred me on the basis that they might also be able to help me with my periods as my doctor has exhausted all options now!
That's amazing that you've got your letter today! And not long to wait at all smile
From what I hear the first meeting will be mainly chatting and probably tests but hopefully there isn't too much waiting around for you.
Would love to know how you get on!smile x

EssJayyCee Sat 02-Nov-19 22:41:23

@ForeverHopeful67 I will update you when I can if I don't end up losing this thread!

My referral is just to the Gynaecolgist.. so I'm not sure they will be doing anything to do with my fertility just yet... I think it's like you said, going to work mostly on my irregular cycles. Or does the gynaecologist do fertility stuff as well? (I'm not very clued up on what happens with who and when)

I've had irregular cycles from when I first started at age 14 but I was never really that bothered. Until the last 5 years or so.

I have cycles ranging from 15-72 days! It's impossible to pinpoint anything! What are your cycles like?

Yes I googled about the first appointment and it seems like more talking. Ugh!
What more tests can they possibly do on me in that first appointment?

I have had loads of blood tests and an internal and external ultrasound- I have cysts on my ovaries.

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ForeverHopeful67 Mon 04-Nov-19 22:32:03

@EssJayyCee it is quite difficult to stay on top of these threads!

Yeah I'm the same being referred to gynae regarding periods but the way the doctor positioned it to me was as if they'd address the fertility side of things to - but who knows!

Have you been on any sort of contraception that could have contributed to your irregular cycles?

I was on the depo and came off last September, other than the odd day of spotting I had no period at all until the doctor prescribed me provera! Stopped taking that and now I have had a 1/2 day period for the last two months around CD20! So very odd!

I've seen quite a few people are prescribed clomid etc if you have pcos x

beibikeiks Tue 05-Nov-19 09:55:09


I was also in a similar situation. No ovulation happening (although I had regular bleeding.. So annoying)

I went to a gynecologist and he diagnosed me with suspected PCOS and prescribed Metformin for possible insulin resistance (very diddifcult for me to loose weight and I eat pretty healthy)

That seem to work because all of a sudden I stopped being hungry and my weight is going down.

Next step was Letrozole to induce ovulation (some doctors use Clomid) and I'm currently in my first cycle of that.

If that doesn't work then next step is a laparoscopic surgery to take a look at my ovaries and my one remaining tube (had a ruptured ectopic 2 years ago)

So yes, gyno should be able to help you with fertility 😊


EssJayyCee Sun 10-Nov-19 18:33:53

@ForeverHopeful67 I originally went to the Gp for irregular cycles and they put me on the pill.. I only took it for a year. I have always had irregular cycles ever since starting my period.
But being a young person I didn't care I wasn't having them every month..
Have you had your gynae appointment yet?

@beibikeiks thank you for your story. I'm hoping the gynae will be able to help me with something or other! I'm sick of feeling broken.

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