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Youngatheart00 Fri 01-Nov-19 13:56:19

I have my IVF egg collection scheduled for Monday. I’m nervous about the sedation - I’ve only ever had general anaesthetics for procedures in the past. In fact, I have had a sedation, but it was a light one to keep me still during an MRI scan. I was awake and I felt fairly alert during that. I would honestly prefer to be knocked out completely. Any experiences / reassurances?

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LillyLeaf Fri 01-Nov-19 14:02:58

Both times I've had a sedation and have been asleep, totally unaware and completely knocked out. It was actually quite nice.

Megasaur5keeper Fri 01-Nov-19 14:11:42

Same here- twice sedated, twice entirely out of it. Like a lovely nap. Apparently I was chatting though the second time.

shazzz1xx Fri 01-Nov-19 14:14:38

I’ve had 2 egg collections last year.. they say it doesn’t knock you out but it does i was asleep both times.. didn’t see hear or feel a thing.. honestly egg collection is nothing.. I’d rather that than a filling at the dentist lol xx

DaisyLeoni Fri 01-Nov-19 14:16:20

I had egg collection on Wednesday and was petrified about sedation but it really wasn't bad at all. I remember saying that I had a funny taste in my mouth and that's the last thing I remember. Apparently I was awake and talked the whole way through but I honestly dont remember a thing about the procedure at all, just finding myself back on the ward where my husband was waiting, then they gave me tea and biscuits. Good luck for monday, I hope it goes well!

Youngatheart00 Fri 01-Nov-19 14:30:09

Wow the talking thing freaks me out a bit!!!

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DaisyLeoni Fri 01-Nov-19 14:58:27

I did worry a bit about what I had been saying but they reassured me I was fine, they said people tend to either be a sleeper or a talker, and I do tend to witter on quite a bit any way. My husband said when I got back I just talked about our dog for a minute then just seemed to come round, so I'm hoping I just talked about the dog for 20 minutes. I hope I haven't worried you, it wasn't scary at all in the end!

GrumpyHoonMain Fri 01-Nov-19 15:02:49

For me it works like a general anesthetic so I’m knocked out like a light, but there can be problems if you are very obese. The clinic should be able to give you more info

PipsM Fri 01-Nov-19 15:04:33

When I had mine I was really anxious about it but I cannot honestly remember a thing and it was all good. Good luck

Youngatheart00 Fri 01-Nov-19 16:04:29

Thanks all for the reassurance. Just like many things in the IVF process, I’ll take it as mind over matter!

I have had some very vivid dreams during this IVF process though so maybe I’ll be a talker 🤣

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Viletta Fri 01-Nov-19 22:30:38

@Youngatheart00 I liked it! Makes you feel a bit high and happy! You won't feel a thing and you'll have your anesthesiologists by your side for reassurance. Good luck!

BlueLadybird Sat 02-Nov-19 13:09:42

I recall absolutely nothing of the sedation period! Remember it takes over a decade of training to become an anaesthetist. They know what they are doing.

Chirpychirpy3 Sat 02-Nov-19 13:11:23

I loved my sedation. Was like a good nap and I woke up feeling great. I didn’t feel a thing.

Youngatheart00 Tue 05-Nov-19 13:40:58

Just wanted to update - I had my sedation yesterday and it went fine. It was definitely a “two phase” - they gave me one dose to relax me (this just seemed to make me chatty!) and then wheeled me through to the theatre, before long I was out like a light and wasn’t aware of a thing until 45 mins later. Amazing!

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