How long after unsuccessful ivf did your cycle return to normal?

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GreyC Tue 29-Oct-19 20:38:43

Hi ladies; had a unsuccessful cycle and had my period - currently mid cycle waiting for my first proper period to come. We have decided to go back ttc for a while as circumstances have changed and we want to give it another shot.. now In Unexplained territory after my DP sperm count and motility has hugely improved!

So my question is how long was it before you noticed you were ovulating iand back into normal cycle? I’ve had a few pains but I’m not opk this month as wanted to wait untill the next cycle..
thanks guys

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twinkledag Tue 29-Oct-19 22:48:23

My cycle failed on 23 September and my period came on 24 October. Hope that helps.

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