Any tips for reducing stress of infertility?

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Steenac7 Tue 29-Oct-19 17:31:38

Hi all, I’m starting to realise that I’m holding onto a lot of anxiety and stress from infertility that I hadn’t really realised until I started to pretty much have panic attacks this last week in the lead up to getting treatment again (I’m doing a biopsy of womb and on FET meds to build up lining etc).

How do you cope with /acknowledge the stress? I feel like this panic has caught me by surprise as I felt ‘fine’ beforehand.

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ChatWithMe Tue 29-Oct-19 20:41:23

Sorry you're stressed. I feel better about infertility when I busy myself with fun stuff. My hobbies are so much more relaxing than googling infertility and counting down days to treatment. Some documentaries actually helped me but may not be your thing. If so try Netflix 'One Last Shot' and 'Private Life' for starters. Hope you feel better soon x

ChatWithMe Tue 29-Oct-19 20:43:00

P.S. Private Life isn't a documentary but it will make you laugh which will definitely help with stress levels x

Amara123 Tue 29-Oct-19 23:04:18

I went for counselling with a counsellor who had a specialist interest in infertility. It really helped me keep going through the years. Always plan to book a holiday after you get the results of the cycle, make sure you have things to look forward to.

Youngatheart00 Wed 30-Oct-19 09:47:29

Binge watching Netflix and good books are helping me! I think when the emotions are building up (drug side effects and the emotional rollercoaster) sometimes it’s good to have a good sob at something unrelated to your own life! Not deliberately seeking out ‘weepies’ but anything can set me off at the moment!

summ3r2 Wed 30-Oct-19 22:42:08

Firstly I’m sorry your feeling stressed. I suppose that’s the first step in coming to terms with things, acknowledging your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel sad is also good as keeping it inside can make it fester and that’s when the anxiety may start. Your allowed to feel sad and sorry for yourself as your going through a really tough time however looking forward to the future and having hope that things will work out will keep you going and hopefully feel excited about having your little miracle. Most fertility clinics have their own therapist so it may be worth contacting them and going for a chat. That helped me massively. My stress comes from feeling alone in all this, know one can understand what we are going through, unless they have experienced a similar journey. My fault don’t seem that interested when I try and talk about it. So I have chosen to keep it to myself as it’s less hurtful/stressful. Good luck with it all. It will all be worth it xx

summ3r2 Wed 30-Oct-19 22:43:42

My FAMILY don’t seem interested I meant. Not fault 🤣


Maggie272 Sun 03-Nov-19 12:31:10

Being disciplined with your thoughts - focus on what you're grateful for. I know it sounds corny but write down a few things every day. Also, allow yourself to be pissed off - no one wants to go through this. Have lots of compassion for yourself.
Make sure you don't spend all day focusing on it. I know some ladies like to take time off work - that didn't work for me, I just thought about it all the time. Remember your relationship - if you have a partner remember to give time to your relationship and remind yourself of how much you love him/her xxx

Viletta Sun 03-Nov-19 21:12:03

Sorry to hear you are stressed. I don't blame you, it's really long tiring and stressful journey. I'm planning to see a consultant to talk things out. I find talking to fiends and family useful but I feel I need more of a professional advice and tools hence making an appointment with a consultant. I also plan to spend some time and money on myself, will get a reflexology and possibly acupuncture and take my DH to a spa. Having a plans for the next cycle helps too. Good luck and take care!

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