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IVF clinics that specialise in treating endometriosis patients

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Iwouldbecomplex Mon 28-Oct-19 17:43:48

Does anyone know of any fertility clinics that specialise in treating patients with endometriosis? I am looking to change clinics. I have had a recent stage 4 endo and adenemyosis diagnosis and my current clinic don't seem to have much knowledge of it or of current research and the different protocols available. I feel like I'm doing all the research and suggesting the treatment plans myself at the moment!

I am looking for either a clinic that has a specialist interest in endo patients, or a clinic with a consultant who specialises in it. Any ideas? Google isn't being very helpful - all of the clinics have a general blurb about endo on their website.

jcurve Tue 29-Oct-19 07:26:00

Colin Davis at the Evewell in London is an endo specialist.

Iwouldbecomplex Tue 29-Oct-19 09:38:02

Thanks @jcurve - I'll take a look at them smile

FlapJackered Tue 29-Oct-19 14:43:15

My sister has quite severe endometriosis and has just had a successful cycle at ARGC (after two failed cycles). They are very knowledgable with all immune issues and endo.

Jem01 Wed 06-Nov-19 17:21:16

Try Guys ACU, the all consultants have been super helpful so far (although I didn’t have treatment with Dr Jan Grace, I met her at an endo charity support talk and after speaking to her she encouraged me to start IVF treatment straight away - rather than have further treatment on my endo)
Good luck

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