High AMH level

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Bwadderley Sat 26-Oct-19 01:02:37


Has anyone been told their AMH level is too high, then gone on to conceive without ivf?
My level is 49.0pmol/L and apparently it should be between 10-30.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 26-Oct-19 16:31:16

I guess it depends on your age as I believe AMH can increase towards menopause?

But if you are 30s or less then high AMH means you likely have PCOS which makes it difficult to conceive naturally and if you go down IVF route are high risk for OHSS - some ivf clinics may not treat on this basis but others will offer a milder more natural IVF so as not to overstimulate you x

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