2 ww testing early

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Lilrach88 Tue 22-Oct-19 08:26:24

Has anyone tested early getting a negative then get a positive on test day? I've tested 4 days early and got a negative

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LillyLeaf Tue 22-Oct-19 08:32:49

How many days past transfer have you tested? How old was the embryo? It seemed we all have different test days from different clinics. My test day was always 9dp5dt, if I had tested 4 days early I don't think I would have seen a positive.

MrsGEW Tue 22-Oct-19 08:33:02

How many days post transfer are you?
I've seen a lot of stories on forums of ladies get BFN's right up to test day and then getting a BFP.
I'm in the 2ww, (4dpt5dt) and considering testing on day 10, as i don't think i can last until my OTD (day 14)

Lilrach88 Tue 22-Oct-19 09:06:06

I had a 2 day transfer. I'm currently on my 11th day test day is Friday. This is our last chance. I really thought It had worked but now I'm thinking maybe not. I'm getting period pain.

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NeelaBlue Tue 22-Oct-19 09:49:52

When I had my son, I tested 8dp5dt (it was a FET) and got a BFN. Then tested the next morning and got a very faint positive. The line got darker by that afternoon. OTD was 11dp5dt.
(I’ve also had two CPs, and got faint positives at 7dp5dt on both of those followed by BFNs on OTD.)

shazzz1xx Tue 22-Oct-19 14:35:42

I had 3 day transfer tested 7 days past transfer and got positive

Beren1984 Tue 04-Feb-20 10:59:48

Hi guys,

This is my 2ww experience of my 7th round of IVF. I am however very fortunate to have had two children through IVF (1st and 4th time) and I've spent so much time reading other peoples experiences during the awful 2WW (which has really helped me) that I thoughtI'd share mine (unfortunatelyl I can't reallyremember the details of my two successes much...I wish I had documented them at the time but hey ho!).

FET 5 day blast, very poor grading (CC I think although my two successes were not great quality either - I have polycystic ovaries):

d1p5dt - No symptoms
d2p5dt -No symptoms
d3p5dt - Some small twinges (could be wind?!)
d4p5dt - No symptomsd
5p5dt - Woke up feeling 'empty' although had a significant (or so I thought) twinge later in the day...got very hopeful! Took a at home test BFN
d6p5dt - Took anotherhome test inmorningBFN. Slight general ache lower abdomen alot of the day. Took a test and saw a faint line!!. Waited and took anothertest and saw a faint but visible line, got very excited. No more tests left so went to bed thinking I was pregnant.
d7p5dt - Went straight to shop and got a pack of two tests inmorning BFN for the first test and then managed to pee all over the stick that it didn'teven show control line for the second test so that one was void.Confused and frustrated because Icouldn't get hold of another test until 17:00. Bought a whole bunch of tests after 17:00 all of which BFN. gutted.
d8p5dt - Bloated stomach - classic symptom prior to period. test = BFN
d9p5dt - Tested first thing in the morning and BFN
d10p5dt -Tested first thing in the morning and BFN
d11p5dt - Blood test BFN

Not sure what happened with the BFP's ...perhaps evaporation lines? Not had that before.

Remaining positive and grateful, ready to go for number 8!

Good luck everyone xxxx

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