Does how long you’ve been ttc affect icsi outcome!?

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Merryway Mon 21-Oct-19 14:12:34

I’m confused as I’ve read online that the duration you’ve been ttc affects ivf/icsi outcomes.
Can anyone explain this?
Me and my husband have been trying naturally for 7 and a half years we are beginning our first icsi cycle early next year ( male factor) I have no known issues so far. We are both in our late 20s.
Will the length of time we have been trying affect our outcome?

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shazzz1xx Mon 21-Oct-19 15:48:22

not at all me and my partner have been together 20 years and nothing so did icsi last year and just had my baby girl 12 week ago

shazzz1xx Mon 21-Oct-19 15:50:12

We’re 36 years old too and it was male factor nothing wrong with me except my eggs we’re getting old now but that’s it im happy with 1 baby that all I wanted so ive finished with the ivf world

peachesforfree Mon 21-Oct-19 16:24:11

I expect it’s a correlation rather than causation thing. So ttc a long time probably weeds out the ones who can get pregnant but just have to persevere. in contrast in the group not yet trying for long, they might have just been unlucky so far and might be doing ivf or icsi for “social reasons” such as they met later in life and don’t want to hang around. They might not have very bad fertility issues so with some patience might have made it on their own.

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