Period week late

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Kachieble1 Fri 18-Oct-19 10:24:19

My very regular ( which is normally around every 28-30 days) is now nearly a week late. I’m getting low back pains and can feel it about to come on. Some cycles I have spots of brown discharge at first but not this time.
I’ve had low progesterone in the past ( think it was around 19) but had one doctor tell
Me I didn’t ovulate and one telling me
I probably did, been trying for years so I know I’m not pregnant. What could have made it so
Late this cycle?

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Kachieble1 Sat 19-Oct-19 16:14:44

Still getting lower back cramps and really feel like I’m about to have a period but no blood/discharge.
I’m now 6 days late. This never happens.

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Howaboutmeow Sat 19-Oct-19 16:19:45

There's a number of factors that could be delaying your period, pregnancy obviously being one.
It could be your weight (if you've gained any or lost any the past couple of weeks), your stress and activity levels.. a whole load of things. What I would do is manage any symptoms, then call the GP on monday.

I too have low progesterone levels, possibility of non-ovilation, and my cycles are usually 28-30 days and I'm currently 20 days late with no symptoms, other than that I can't stop crying.

Hope you're okay, OP.

Kachieble1 Sat 19-Oct-19 16:45:06

Thankyou @Howaboutmeow for your reply!.
I also feel emotional I wish my body wouldn’t play tricks on me like this. I’d rather just get
My period and get it over and done with.
It’s now worrying me that my hormones may be all over this place. I can’t face getting a pregnancy test and seeing a negative. In the 7 years we’ve tried I’ve only ever done 3 tests from being a day or 2 late, this is how unusual it is for
Me. Saying that I’ve had a friend say she thinks I’ve lost a little weight the past few weeks so it might be that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ X

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Howaboutmeow Sat 19-Oct-19 16:48:50

I took a HPT last night and got yet another negative, it breaks my heart. Although I did have 12 negatives when I was in fact 16 weeks pregnant.

Fingers crossed for you, lovely. It's a hard wait but it'll be worth it in the end x

NannyAnnieKnitsKnickers Tue 22-Oct-19 16:13:02

Have you ever had your thyroid levels tested? Low progesterone is a symptom of this?

Millie20202 Thu 24-Oct-19 09:05:59

Yes think my thyroid level was tested and came back normal.
Progesterone came back low one month but before that normal. Think it was 19 and I was sent to a hospital but told it was fine 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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