HSG - fluid didn't go easily through one tube

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elektray Wed 16-Oct-19 13:44:28

I've been quitely reading many of your posts over the last year of TTC and it has been very helpful. I had today my HSG and wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience and what happened/did next.
My exam was quite an odd experience. The fluid passed nicely throught the right tube but it wasn't passing through the left. They asked me to move, cough and then some fluid started going through the left as well. The radiologist noticed a strange shape on the left side and thought it was maybe stopping the fluid from passing through.

They then asked me to go to the toilet, walk a bit and called me back for another image. The final images showed both tubes and uteruous and it seemed the fuild went through both tubes and the ragiologist.

It was an emotional roller-coaster. Initially it seemed my situation wasn't good as the radiologist stated that the shape (polyp or cyst) was blockign the left tube and she tried to reassure me that the oil would have helped me to conceive even with IVF for as long as 5 years. But then when I came back into the room and she could see everything, she was very happy and positive, stating that it was all good and the odd shape was worth checking but it could be nothing.

I am puzzled and unfortunately given the emotions of the situation I don't know if this is bad or good. Did you have similar experience? Shall I be concerned?

Thank you for your support

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