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nextweek Mon 14-Oct-19 11:33:28

Hi, has anyone here done a progesterone test from Forth Life? I've ordered one to do this month, but not sure which day to do it on and was hoping someone could advise? It says to do it on day 21 of your cycle if you have a standard 28 day cycle or 7 days before your period, but I don't know exactly what day my period will arrive! The majority of the time I have a 26 day cycle, but occasionally it's 25, 27 or 28 days. Given that it's usually 26 days should I just go ahead and do it on day 19? If it ends up being 25 or 27/28 days will a day or two make much different to the results? Thanks

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Sylva123 Tue 15-Oct-19 08:21:53

@nextweek I was just going to post the same question! I also have irregular short periods (25 or 26 days usually) so this 21 day this is a nightmare for us!

I was told by the assistant at the hospital to do it 7 days after ovulation, rather than 7 days before the period, but I'm not sure this is right. Partly because it's hard to pin point ovulation (I've narrowed it down to 3 days!) and also because when I've tried that the levels have been really low and don't seem to make sense.

Can you afford to do two tests this month? One when you think it's 7 days before the period (taking a guess based on your average) and one 7 days after when you think you ovulated?
This is what I'm trying this month, as my results have been all over the place and from what I've read it's vital to test on the right day cos the levels change so quickly.

nextweek Tue 15-Oct-19 10:36:21

Thanks for your response @Sylva123 I actually did mine today which is cd19 for me, as I based it on having a 26 day cycle so we'll see what comes back. If I'm still not sure then I'll do another one next month. Like you say it's hard to pinpoint ovulation, but I can usually narrow it down to a couple of days. I've had two day 21 tests done at the GPs, one was a bit low and the next one was 'normal', but then again given I have shorter cycles they perhaps weren't done on the right day. Either way I'm going to ask about it at our next fertility clinic appointment, just waiting to hear when that will be. It's such a guessing game sometimes isn't it?!

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Sylva123 Tue 15-Oct-19 11:13:23

@nextweek it really is! I have my next consultant appt in a couple of weeks and progesterone is my main question. Good luck with yours.

nextweek Tue 15-Oct-19 12:05:34

@Sylva123 thanks very much, and lots of luck for yours to.

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