Very low AFC, low AMH, anovulatory - fighting to even get an appointment

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Flashesofrage Mon 14-Oct-19 10:07:44

Just absolutely sick of people treating me like it’s all no big deal and I should just wait in line...

I’ve finally gotten my AMH result after waiting a bloody month. Knowing I had a follicle count of 3 (and one big cyst). Knowing I had a count of 2 in January and it took me nine months to get someone to test AMH 😖

My letter from the absolute top consultant here said basically “I know we left it as you should phone with your next period then start Clomid again but I really think you should come in to discuss fertility treatment options”

So I ring the receptionist to book and she’s like “oh you’re just supposed to be ringing with your next period”, “no you’re having Clomid next so you don’t need an appointment” 😤🤯

Yes. I. Fucking. Do.

Why do people have to make this even harder???

(Thanks for reading my rant ❤️)

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catswhiskers15 Mon 14-Oct-19 11:54:20


It,s a stressful process but stand your ground and tell the receptionist that the consultant wants you to come in as s/he is changing your treatment protocol.
I wish you luck.

Flashesofrage Mon 14-Oct-19 12:05:46

Thanks @catswhiskers15 ❤️

I am just losing the plot with it today. I feel so mad and so alone.

The receptionist said she couldn’t give me an answer right then and would ring me around 12:30.

I’ve known since I was 15 that there was something very wrong and this is where I’d end up. I’ve been ignored over and over all of these years (34 now).

Why is no one that you have to deal with through this capable of imagining how tough it might be 🥺

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bubbaflash Mon 14-Oct-19 21:18:34

are you paying privately for this??

Flashesofrage Mon 14-Oct-19 23:45:33

Hi @bubbaflash there is not financial assistance anyway so we’re trying to pay to see the consultant but the receptionist is just obstructive. ☹️

She never rang me back and I rang every twenty mins from 1-3pm. No answer (they’re open till 3)

Try again tomorrow ☹️

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NotMaryWhitehouse Tue 15-Oct-19 15:26:54

@Flashesofrage I hope you've been able to get through to someone today, how frustrating.

Flashesofrage Tue 15-Oct-19 22:52:21

Thanks @NotMaryWhitehouse 😊

I got a the other (not mean) receptionist at 11 this morning! She said early Dec for the next public appointment and even then the diary wasn’t open for bookings yet so no date to give!

So I asked about private and she said 3 weeks but I’d have to book it tomorrow with the private bookings receptionist 🤯🤣 She gave me the direct number tho so I was ok with that.

She rang me back at 1 to say they had a cancellation at 3:30 today!👌

Me and DH got down there saw the top consultant who finally said what I knew and have been waiting for. IVF as quickly as possible with no further fobbing off 🥳 So happy! I know that sounds mad to be happy to do IVF but I’ve known I needed this I just had to get past all the gatekeepers.

He’s even giving me an ovulation induction cycle while we get all the IVF forms and prep ready. Says we might be doing our first round in Dec! 👍 Yay!!!

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NotMaryWhitehouse Wed 16-Oct-19 06:25:37

WOW!! I'm very pleased to hear that - your determination paid off!

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