Endometrial ovarian cyst

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ilovetrees30 Sun 13-Oct-19 19:44:47

Has anyone had an experience with an endometrial ovarian cyst? And then having it removed? Its been discovered that I have a 7cm one on my right ovary. Could this be whats causing my infertility??

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Mrbay Tue 15-Oct-19 00:02:25

I've had a few removed during a lap for endo, one was present before my fertitly check lap and it had gone by the time they had a root around.
There a few different theories on cysts and no clear answer if they affect fertility.
On my last EC I had a cyst on one ovary, I didn't think they managed to get any eggs from it, or maybe one. The other ovary produced 2 or 3 eggs and I've had 3 embryos from those 3 eggs.
It's just one of the many puzzle pieces we have to deal with.

Sylva123 Tue 15-Oct-19 08:12:38

@ilovetrees30 yes I've just had one removed. They're weren't sure if it was causing my problems conceiving or not but decided to take it out after a year of "watching and waiting". I've read somewhere that a cyst can create a more difficult environment for eggs. The consultant said it needed to come out to improve my chances, especially as we're looking at IVF in a couple of months.
When they did the op they expected to find more endometriosis but it was clear. Just the cyst.
They tend to remove them if they're over 4cm. I asked a lot of questions prior to the op as I was scared that the op itself would damage the ovarian reserve. They were amazing and only "popped" the cyst rather than burning it off the side of the ovary wall, to keep the ovaries as safe as possible. This means it is likely to grow back, but hopefully I'll be pregnant first. I think getting it removed is the right choice for fertility, just ask lots of questions and make it clear that your priority is preserving your fertility.

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