First week of down regging for 3rd cycle

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Helsbee16 Sun 13-Oct-19 07:04:43

I'm one week in to down regulation for our 3rd cycle (ICSI) and wondered if anyone else was at a similar stage?
Feeling unbelievably tired, as I have the last 2 times, and have extremely painful boobies 😩 so hoping my bleed is imminent. Down reg scan is on 29th so a few weeks to go until my injections start.
Would be good to hear from anyone going through similar 😘

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NeelaBlue Fri 18-Oct-19 14:32:16

Hello Helsbee16,

I might be at a similar stage (although mine seems a bit shorter overall).
I’m on the Long Protocol and started down regulating on 1st Oct.
And started my stimms on 14th.

I have another scan booked on 21st, then hopefully Egg Collection on the Friday (25th).

How are you feeling now?
Hope it’s going well. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

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