AFC scan mid cycle?

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Mseddy Sat 12-Oct-19 15:18:25

Has anyone had an AFC count after they have ovulated? I had my first one in June around cycle day 10 I think. Long story short we are hoping to start ICSI ivf end of October when my period comes. The clinic said they wanted a more up to date AFC scan and booked me in for next week. Thing is I'll be cycle day 22 and I've definately already ovulated. Does this matter? I'm stressing that they are going to want to delay our cycle to do my AFC pre ovulation!
Thanks in advance for any help

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hoping2018 Mon 14-Oct-19 16:56:52

I don’t think it matters. I had a scan on day 36 once and he commented he could see lots of follicles and ovarian reserve looked good.

hoping2018 Mon 14-Oct-19 16:57:05

Sorry day 26*

GrumpyHoonMain Mon 14-Oct-19 16:58:36

No the AFC is the base count that occurs at the start of your cycle almost straight after your period has finished. Ovulation can sometimes create cysts which can confuse the count

Mseddy Mon 14-Oct-19 17:25:04

Thanks for your replies. Mixed opinions so I guess I'm non the wiser! Got my scan tomorrow so I'll find out then I guess smile thanks again

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hoping2018 Mon 14-Oct-19 17:47:38

ive never had a scan at the beginning of my cycle but my consultant has commented on my ovarian reserve twice and documented it in a letter! Maybe formal AFC is measured at the beginning but it seems they can get a good idea throughout the cycle

Mseddy Tue 15-Oct-19 10:38:27

Thanks @hoping2018
I'm feeling a little more optimistic that they will be able to get the results they need today regardless of my cycle day smile

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Lauren83 Tue 15-Oct-19 12:17:31

It can be done at any point your cycle, they will usually note if you are about to/have ovulated already

Mseddy Wed 16-Oct-19 10:49:37

I had it done yesterday and she was fine that I was cycleday 19. Counted lots more follicles than last time so that's a bonus! Mj

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