Day 21 bloods - fainted

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willithappen Thu 10-Oct-19 16:02:54

Had my day 21 bloods today and of course I'm the biggest wimp ever so fainted from it and was put to a&e after

Am I even cut out for ever becoming pregnant if I can't get past this stage without having a carry on? I feel so deflated sad

Also, I think I may have ovulated a day earlier than usual, making it be day 22. Will that affect my bloods result much?

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willithappen Fri 11-Oct-19 00:13:22

Also another note now that I have remembered, when going in the nurse read out that I was there for day 21 bloods at that it said on my file I had abnormal periods and fertility problems.

I'm really baffled by this one though because when I spoke to my GP about my periods (quite short and light but regular between 27-29 days) she said it was fine and we also have never found anything to say I have fertility problems, or at least nothing they have told me!

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Embri Fri 11-Oct-19 07:32:11

Hi @willithappen do not worry about fainting when you get blood taken, it’s so common!
A combination of having blood taken and the worrying about everything will have just taken it’s toll on your body.
I faint a lot from various different things, I just say instead of my body trying to decide between flight or fight response it decides to play dead for a few seconds!
It is a horrible thing to go through, but I would advise next time you go for bloods make sure you have eaten a big meal beforehand, drink plenty of water, and do some gentle exercises to ensure your blood pressure stays up, don’t just sit still in the waiting room, either just walk around slowly, or clench and release you leg and arm muscles as you’re sat there! (Don’t go crazy, just gentle exercise! 😄)
If it makes you feel slightly better I was terrified I was going to pass out during my HSG due to my history of fainting, I told the ladies who were doing it and they were lovely, and I didn’t end up passing out! 😊 I no longer find it embarrassing as it’s what my body does, I just hate it because I feel so rough for the next few hours.

With regards to 21 day bloods, I would say one day out isn’t going to affect it too much. It’s often difficult to time it, so it’s just an approximate date. (And they reassured me that if it fell over a weekend just go for the closest day!)

willithappen Fri 11-Oct-19 09:00:48

Thank you so much for your reassuring post. I just felt so silly and like everyone's looking at me thinking 'well if she's like this with blood tests what will she be like with giving birth' and makes me feel stupid for being there!

Thank you for the tips and I will definitely make sure to do all of those things beforehand! It wasn't sore at all the process of getting the bloods drawn and I have the smallest pin prick of a mark from where she did it to! You'd never know!

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Maximoo06 Fri 11-Oct-19 19:19:33

I used to faint all the time and I even fainted after a smear test once, I think cause I used to work myself up so much.

After 3 ivfs which involve millions of blood tests countless smear type things now I don't even nat an eyelid.

willithappen Fri 11-Oct-19 20:00:11

I have fainted from a smear test before too but my most recent one I never so I thought perhaps I was getting better.

It's definitely an 'in the mind' thing sad

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shazzz1xx Fri 11-Oct-19 20:18:38

Same here I’m the biggest wimp ever and having blood took was my FEAR.. and here I am after 2 cycles of icsi and induced 10 week ago I’m sat with my ikkle baby on my while I write this.. like the ladie above said millions of injections etc now i don’t bat an eyelid about and procedure I have to go through... good luck with it all 🍀


willithappen Thu 17-Oct-19 16:55:54

I got my results back, 29.70 and I feel AF coming today so seems like it was a day 22 test

I think it's meant to be 30 to show you ovulated? I'm not sure, doc said everything was fine but I don't know whether to be worried that it's JUST under the 30 mark

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Mrsboombastic99 Tue 12-Nov-19 15:26:20

I fainted after a blood test once when I was about 15 and ever since I've been terrified of them. So much so that it put me off going to the doctor for a while to discuss our fertility issues. I've had quite a few now and I still hate it but it gets easier. Some things that help me are to take kalms before I go. Make sure you're hydrated and warm as it makes it easier for them and therefore quicker for you. smile

Kataa Sat 23-Nov-19 21:48:15

Hi @willithappen
I have fainted with needles in the past, and my day 21 bloods were my first ever blood test so was super nervous. I was lucky enough that a friend with a similar problem recommended I ask to lie down for the blood test- basically means you’re really unlikely to faint. It’s still horrible, but knowing I won’t faint makes it more bearable and they’re always really kind about letting me lie back while they do it. Have got more used to blood tests now 6 months on (had a laparoscopy last week, lots of needles just before that!) but I remember how horrible the first ones are
Hope this advice helps! 😊

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