Ivf 2 week wait!!!

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Lulabud1 Tue 08-Oct-19 19:30:53

Hi, currently 1 day in on my 2 week wait. I’ve had Ivf before and was lucky enough to be blessed with my beautiful son but had forgotten the agony of the dreaded wait.
Anyone else currently going through this ?

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Youngatheart00 Wed 09-Oct-19 11:45:05

Hang on in there! How did you feel your cycle has gone?

BrotherForBear Wed 09-Oct-19 11:58:15

I did transfer on 2nd of September and got my BFP I'm now 8 weeks pregnant. The TWW is horrible but I recommend not testing until your official due date. Best of luck xxx

Lulabud1 Wed 09-Oct-19 13:25:10

I’ll definitely wait to test on the date they’ve given me. I was really positive about the cycle it went well, I had a total of 15 eggs taken , we had icsi but a high number fertilised abnormally which they did previously. We had one embryo left which was 8 cells grade 2/3 put in on day 3, so I was abit disheartened but feeling more positive now! Congratulations on your positive test is this your first? Xx

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jemimafuddleduck Thu 10-Oct-19 08:25:59

Hi @Lulabud1, I also had a transfer on Monday so am in my TWW! When is your official test day? Mine is next Thursday (10dp5dt).
We had 2 5 day blasts put back. This is our 4th embryo transfer and never ever had a bfp. Like you, I'm feeling good and as positive as I can though.
I have tested early for the last two cycles but think I am going to hold out as long as I can for this one.
Wishing you lots of luck!
Have you had any symptoms? I was very crampy on day 1 and a little crampy yesterday, but have learned this means nothing and never had any real symptoms before x

Lulabud1 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:14:08

Hi @jemimafuddleduck wow 2 day 5’s !! Fingers crossed for you this time. The test date they gave me is 22.10.19 so still another 12 days ☹️. Next Thursday is my sons birthday so it’s a good day!!
I haven’t really had any symptoms, last time I was so sick because I had ohss so I knew within the week that I was pregnant because the hormones were making it worse. This time nothing which I can’t get my head round xx

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jemimafuddleduck Thu 10-Oct-19 11:25:46

@Lulabud1 gosh that's a long wait! Will you hold out until then or test early?
It's so hard isn't it - I'm trying not to symptom spot because I don't think it really means anything, and you hear of lots of people having no symptoms at all and getting a bfp.
I'm just trying to get through each day as it comes at the moment.
We have 2 more frozen embryos to use as well so that good. Have you got any more?


Lulabud1 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:51:16

@jemimafuddleduck I know that’s what I thought. I’ll wait until then I think as hard as it’ll be. That’s really good about the frozen embryos too. We don’t have any frozen we only had the one embryo suitable x

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jemimafuddleduck Fri 11-Oct-19 23:13:09

How are you doing today? I've had a long day at work and have had a very small amount of brown spotting tonight. This hasn't ever happened before! No clue whether it's a good or bad sign?!!

Lulabud1 Sat 12-Oct-19 15:51:50

Oh no , I had taken this week off work but back next and think I’ll be glad off the distraction. I’ve read it can be implantation spotting so possibly a good sign!! Only 5 more days to test for you!! I’ve still not had anything apart from a tiny few niggly pains but they could be anything x

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jemimafuddleduck Sun 13-Oct-19 13:15:14

Who knows. I'm feeling less positive, I have to say. Desperately trying to hold off testing (I found an internet cheapie test in the cupboard earlier and have had to get DH to hide it!
I keep getting minor cramps and twinges but can't work out if they're real or in my head?! And even if they are real do they even mean anything?!
The spotting has stopped - there was a tiny amount on Friday evening and an even tinier amount yesterday morning. Nothing since.
I took time off with my last two transfers and it didn't work so this time I just decided to carry on as usual. We will see 🤷‍♀️
Thursday can't come quickly enough!

Lulabud1 Sun 13-Oct-19 15:58:35

I think it’s hard knowing what anything means really isn’t it and it only drives you crazy trying to suss then out. I think if it’s going to work it will no matter what you do or don’t do so think that’s probably the best thing to have done. The only reason I did was because of what happened last time. I’m really hoping it’s positive for you xx

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jemimafuddleduck Sun 13-Oct-19 19:44:35

And for you ❤️ x

jemimafuddleduck Wed 16-Oct-19 11:46:06

How are you doing @Lulabud1? Any updates?
Tomorrow is my test day and I'm certain that I'm out. I have felt completely normal for the last few days apart from a headache today, but that's probably just stress.
I almost don't want to test tomorrow because I know what it's going to say 😢

EarlGreyT Wed 16-Oct-19 15:03:50

Hang on in there. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking of you.

The 2ww is a complete head fuck. You really can’t tell by symptoms or the lack of them. Half the time I think symptoms are either the meds we pump ourselves with or wishful thinking of wanting to see something and being more conscious of our bodies and analysing every little thing.

Fingers crossed and lots of luck for tomorrow.

Ml922 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:38:11

Hi, I'm on 2WW also! Wondering if anyone has tested early? I'm 5dp5dt & demented feels like a lifetime already!

jemimafuddleduck Wed 16-Oct-19 16:10:26

Thanks @EarlGreyT
@Ml922 it's so tough isn't it! This is my 4th cycle - all BFNs up to now. First cycle I waited until OTD, the next two I tested early (5 and 6dpt) and this time am waiting til OTD.

I don't know what to suggest, you just have to do what feels right for you. Either way it's a shit time to get through x

Ml922 Wed 16-Oct-19 16:39:57

@jemimafuddleduck thankyou for your advice.. this wait is horrendous so I decided to take a test earlier came up clear negative 😒 checked it there & it's not a small faint line.. unsure wither this is an evaporation line, can't help but think I'm out now! X

jemimafuddleduck Wed 16-Oct-19 17:06:52

@Ml922 it is SUPER early still, and for you use first morning urine? If not that could make a real difference. Do you mean there was a faint evap line or wasn't?

Ml922 Wed 16-Oct-19 17:09:53

@jemimafuddleduck .. I know I'm just so so impatient and part of me wants to prepare myself a little! Yeah there's a line very faint but unsure if it's an evap line or not. Mumsnet won't let me upload photos yet because I'm a new user to even try to show you the photo x

jemimafuddleduck Wed 16-Oct-19 17:23:40

Oooh don't write it off then! That's not a clear negative?!

Ml922 Wed 16-Oct-19 17:38:06

@jemimafuddleduck got clear negative on 2 cheapies.. this one with faint line is the first response early detection, hanging off until the weekend now which will mean I'm 7/8 days post transfer, which I would think more than likely would show correctly x

jemimafuddleduck Wed 16-Oct-19 22:34:23

Everything crossed for you x

jemimafuddleduck Thu 17-Oct-19 08:12:53

BFN for me this morning at 10dp5dt so I'm out. Good luck to you all x

Youngatheart00 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:16:46

@jemimafuddleduck sorry to hear that 😞 hope you can do something nice today to take your mind off things. And look forward to getting your body off the meds.

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