Frozen embryos.. transfer later help.!

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Stacey2007 Tue 08-Oct-19 10:37:02

Hi everyone I need help. So I had egg collection yesterday. 33 eggs was collected. I was told it’s a lot and obv I’m at risk of Ohss, so they are going to freeze them and transfer later, tbh I’m happy with that give my body a little rest. But what happens when it does come to transfer time? Please don’t say I need to start injections again 😩

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Betsyboo87 Tue 08-Oct-19 11:46:46

I had my FET transfer yesterday and there were no injections for me. Just tablets and pessaries - all very straightforward. I know other clinics use different protocol though so maybe check with yours what they do.

Anaesthetist83 Tue 08-Oct-19 16:28:49

It depends. I'm in the same boat due to OHSS. Had my egg collection mid August.

I'm treated at Nurture in Nottingham.

They have planned : withdrawal bleed following fresh cycle, then wait for next period (I'm still waiting..... day 40). Then phone for scan. Then start Buserelin downreg again from day 21 of that cycle. Then bleed. Then scan and start oestrogen and progesterone (probably tablets and pessaries).

Stacey2007 Tue 08-Oct-19 17:08:16

Really 😔 I hope to god I don’t have to go through all that again 😔

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Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 08-Oct-19 17:44:22

It depends on your protocol I think. I had a fet due to OHSS and no injections for me. Just tablets pessaries and patches. Hope you feel better soon. 33 is a huge number!

Stacey2007 Tue 08-Oct-19 17:56:31

I really hope so thankyou! Did you have to just wait for one period or did they leave you a couple of month? I still feel a little rubbish today, it’s a little like a hangover stomach 😂 but I’m back at work tomorrow so I need to pull myself together x

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 08-Oct-19 18:41:53

I did non medicated transfers so other than the clexane I inject for recurrent miscarriage there was no other injections to take

Betsyboo87 Tue 08-Oct-19 18:44:16

I had a withdrawal bleed a week after egg collection and then I had to wait a full cycle until my next proper period. Prepare yourself for the cycle to be a little longer than usual, mine was 33 days but my normal cycle is 28. I know other ladies have had to wait longer. My FET transfer was 7 weeks after when I would have expected my fresh transfer.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 08-Oct-19 18:55:04

@Stacey2007 I was a mess with OHSS. Lots of pain swelling and bloating. I had a week off work in the end. My ovaries had swollen really bad. I had egg collection on 8th May and my fet transfer on 18th July. So a bit of Time in between but I was grateful to give my body chance to heal and be in a much better place. I’m sure this contributed towards a successful outcome x

Stacey2007 Tue 08-Oct-19 19:25:56

Thankyou everyone for your replies. Yes I was actually glad when he told me we going to wait to transfer them, my body definitely needs a rest, I wouldn’t want to rush it then end up really I’ll. x

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duckhouse Tue 08-Oct-19 19:55:56

@Stacey2007 i had fresh cycle in june which resulted in freeze all due to OHSS..waited for a withdrawal bleed and started with FET in July...FET was for 2 month with buselerin injections, followed by tablets and trigger injections like in fresh cycle so you will not have too much weakness & bloating. My transfer was on 6th sep which resulted in bfn.. lesson learnt for me was to wait for a natural bleed besides withdrawal bleed to allow my body to cool down. Unfortunately my clinic didnt care enough to mention that...pls make sure you check with your clinic that your body has enough time to normalise 😊

Stacey2007 Tue 08-Oct-19 20:05:17

Ohh no so sorry about that. Why would they do that to you. So frustrating. I wonder why some people have to use Buserelin again and some don’t. 😕

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duckhouse Tue 08-Oct-19 20:19:03

@Stacey2007 i think it varies from clinic to clinic.. my clinic always uses buslerin.. they have standard FET

June340oo Tue 08-Oct-19 20:36:36

I had egg collection January, freeze all due to OHSS. My clinic makes all FET wait 3 months between each cycle, so 2 of 5 eggs were transferred in May. Weren’t expecting them to work due to being frozen on day 2 (extremely low odds we were told). For the FET transfer itself it was progesterone pessaries and HRT tablets. No injections thankfully. Happy to report I’m currently 23 weeks with a little boy. I think having that time for my body to rest and return to normal after being so swollen and uncomfortable helped towards the positive outcome. I wish you all the luck in the world going forward.

Anaesthetist83 Tue 08-Oct-19 22:16:56

I was getting impatient and phoned to see if I could have some progesterone to induce a bleed but have been told absolutely no. They believe really important to wait for normal cycles to resume. Clinic has a good success rate. I am slowly going insane but have to trust them.

duckhouse Wed 09-Oct-19 07:39:53

Understand the pain of wait.. i am in similar boat.. waiting for 1st natural clinic has asked to wait on 1 natural only post withdrawal bleed. However if i dont bleed before 17 oct then i am pushed to wait till nov bleed because my clinic is closed during dec last week for cleaning.. lets see what happens smile

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 09-Oct-19 08:23:38

2 fet here and both only tablets and pesseries for last week before fet

Agree allows a natural period inbetween then when 2nd period starts you will probably start taking progestene tablets on day 2/3 of cycle - get scanned maybe day 12-14 and thrn start pesseries for a week then around 19/20 the fet will happen

That seems to be the average fet that myself and 4 friends have had

Tho my 2nd one - 5th ivf Attempt I actually had the fet much later then usual in the cycle due to an era stating I needed more hormones and my lining day wasn’t receptive then - so as I was on holiday I took the 6mg a day for longer then once home had lining checked and started pesseries then had fet

That was the only cycle that worked in 10yrs ttc

Talk to your clinic and make sure they listen to your wishes

You want your body in the best state and not waste a precious embryo

Stacey2007 Wed 09-Oct-19 10:20:17

Tbh I don’t mind if I’ve got to wait 2 or 3 months, I just want my body back, I haven’t been able to go into work today, I’ve got pain in my left side, but I’ve got no symptoms of ohss. So god knows what’s happening, I love reading all your stories it makes me excited for when our time comes x

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Anaesthetist83 Wed 09-Oct-19 15:12:16

It will get better Stacey (I say this as someone who spent a week in critical care)

Stacey2007 Wed 09-Oct-19 16:18:44

Really 😔 @Anaesthetist83 what happened? Was it after egg collection? X

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Anaesthetist83 Wed 09-Oct-19 16:34:26

😢 yep severe/critical OHSS

Stacey2007 Wed 09-Oct-19 16:56:00

Omg that’s horrible 😮 what was your symptoms?

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Anaesthetist83 Wed 09-Oct-19 18:03:39

Horrendous abdo distension to the point at which I got renal failure.
Hugely dehydrated

GemmeFatale Wed 09-Oct-19 19:31:14

I was just on the right side of the risk to get a fresh transfer. That failed. My frosty is now sleeping in my arms.

Much easier cycle wise for the FET - that’s the point!

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