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fallingasleeprightnow Tue 08-Oct-19 08:31:26

Have just started my fertility assessment privately and had blood test yesterday. DH is booked for his sperm analysis on the day of our consultation and ultrasound in 2 weeks and letter says that he should not ejaculate for 2-5 days before the analysis, however, that is my (alleged) fertile week and my potential ovulation day! Should I contact the clinic? Anyone else faced this dilemma?

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nextweek Tue 08-Oct-19 13:03:46

Hi @fallingasleeprightnow My husband is having a second sperm analysis (we're going through the NHS) and like you it would have coincided with our fertile week so he just asked to have the appointment moved back a week. There was an issue with his results last time so we know we might need ivf treatment but have been told there's still a chance we could get pregnant naturally so we didn't want to miss an opportunity to try. It's only a week later so wont really change anything.

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