ABC vs Reprofit

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FlapJackered Mon 07-Oct-19 19:19:44

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have experience of ABC ivf and Reprofit in Brno?
We are trying to decide between the two. Or open to suggestions of other lower cost options. We are leaning towards ABC as it is in the country but not too sure about the shoebox method and if that is a negative thing?
Thanks for any advice.

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Scottishgirl85 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:01:26

We have a 1 year old thanks to Reprofit. Can't fault them. We even had a nice holiday out while we were staying there, Brno is lovely!

FlapJackered Mon 07-Oct-19 21:52:51

Thanks @Scottishgirl85 and congratulations! How long did you have to go out there for?

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Scottishgirl85 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:57:09

We went for 10 days for the fresh cycle (egg extraction, sperm sample, growing of embryos to day 5, transfer). Sadly that round didn't work. I flew back myself 2 months later for a FET and that one worked. X

Scottishgirl85 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:58:00

For the FET, I only stayed 2 days x

twinkledag Wed 09-Oct-19 09:56:38

I didn't have success with Reprofit but can't fault them as a clinic.

AliceAbsolum Wed 09-Oct-19 15:19:56

Didn't have success and the Dr didn't wash his hands or put gloves on before scanning me, also hated brno. But a lot of ladies like it there.

eggontoast2 Wed 09-Oct-19 15:22:37

Reprofit. No frills but they get the job done and Brno can be very nice in the summer/early autumn with lots happening all the time. Going there in the winter is very bleak. I have a beautiful son thanks to Reprofit.

ChocolateGateaux84 Fri 25-Oct-19 21:20:33

Reprofit hands down

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