Egg collection (worried 😔)

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Stacey2007 Sat 05-Oct-19 21:37:10

Hi everyone well it’s finally here my egg collection is Monday. But I’m so so scared. I’ve no idea of what I just feel really anxious 🙈 how did everyone find it?

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thefishthatcouldwish Sat 05-Oct-19 21:48:16

Not at tht point yet but wanted to say good luck.

GreyC Sat 05-Oct-19 21:58:05

It’s completely ok! I was abit nervous before hand - not as nervous as I thought I’d be as I suffer from anxiety.
They gave me a heavy sedation and I remember feeling sleepy and chatting to the anaesthetic and then woke up 15 minute later. Was a good experience that I had. Plus the hot chocolate and biscuits after was fabulous!

Ginger1982 Sat 05-Oct-19 22:05:16

It's better than transfer. I was given a general anaesthetic and just drifted off before waking up again none the wiser. The first time I had it, I sobbed as the anaesthetic went in because I felt so anxious but the second time I was totally fine 👍🏻

Parkandride Sat 05-Oct-19 22:14:16

The sleep is lovely! Have your hot water bottle, lots of liquids and chocolate ready at home and you're grand flowers

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Sat 05-Oct-19 22:32:47

I was really anxious about the sedation but it was a great sleep! Dh thought it was funny when I was coming around as we had the same conversation a few times grin

mypuddin Sat 05-Oct-19 22:59:15

It was fine but for a couple of days after I had really bad period pain like cramps. I ended up having a couple of days off work on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my tummy. I didn't have any pain after the transfer though, so it's clearly different for different people. It's not horrendous though OP, nothing to be scared of xx

resipsa Sat 05-Oct-19 23:06:55

I had heavy sedation. Appointment was 9.30. By 12, I was eating a pub lunch. It's all fine physically but obvious total head fuck!

Stacey2007 Sat 05-Oct-19 23:09:22

Thankyou everyone for your replies. I feel a little better knowing it’s not as bad as I feel it could be 🙉 I just keep telling myself it’s just 20 mins it’s really not that long 😂 they did say I won’t be put to sleep so just strong pain relief I guess 😬

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Stacey2007 Sat 05-Oct-19 23:10:03

I think I’m more scared because they mentioned theatre 🙉 I just thought it would be done in a room 😂

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theowlwhowasafraidofthedark Sat 05-Oct-19 23:11:19

You’ll be awesome!

resipsa Sat 05-Oct-19 23:11:55

Go for sedation. Not the same risks as a GA but, from my experience, the same blissful lack of awareness! I went back to work the next day. You'll be fine. Good luck!

Persipan Sun 06-Oct-19 06:40:42

If it helps, think of theatre as just a room that happens to have the right equipment in it for the job. I'm pretty sure that in my clinic, retrievals and transfers happen in the same room (or if it wasn't the same, it was jolly similar).

Helsbee16 Sun 06-Oct-19 06:46:54

You'll be fine sweetie. I was nervous too but it's honestly not as bad as you would expect. My anesthesist was making me laugh as he put the thingy in my hand and I just remember drifting off into my own little world....then waking up about 15 minutes later and it was all done. You'll get a nice hot drink and a biccy brought to you afterwards. Maybe wear some comfy fluffy socks so you feel nice and warm. Good luck 😘

Stacey2007 Sun 06-Oct-19 08:48:05

Thankyou ladies your all amazing... Thankyou for replying to me and making me feel so much better about it all x

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BigRedBoat Sun 06-Oct-19 11:13:55

It was not as bad as I thought, the sedation was nice but did make me sick after. I was a bit sore for a day but it was not too bad.

Pognut Sun 06-Oct-19 11:25:18

I was petrified, but it was absolutely fine - had sedation and don't remember a thing. Was a bit sore afterwards but the drugs were great (pain was totally manageable and I was in a very good mood / high as a kite). Definitely second the advice to have warm socks on. I went shopping afterwards, dragging my poor slightly concerned partner out on a drug-induced spree. Wasn't at all worried about doing it a 2nd time. You'll be fine, but careful if you go shopping...

shazzz1xx Sun 06-Oct-19 12:04:26

It’s nothing you don’t feel anything.. I had 2 egg collections last year.. my baby is now 10 week.. the worse thing for me is having the canular in the vein in the back of the hand... OUCH and had the canular 10 week again for labour as I was induced... it’s all worth I’m sleep deprived haha 😴. good luck

shazzz1xx Sun 06-Oct-19 12:05:58

Also they say they don’t put you to sleep but the drug is that strong it does put you to sleep... it’s an amazing feeling too ☺️

Chirpychirpy3 Sun 06-Oct-19 15:45:43

I found egg collection fine. It was just like having a nice nap. The drugs made me feel wonderful!

Stacey2007 Sun 06-Oct-19 18:09:00

Thanoyou I hope it’s as easy as your all making it sound 😁😁 trigger injection was fine but how did everyone feel after it? I’m a little crampy today. Like period pains ish x

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FingersXssd83 Sun 06-Oct-19 21:25:22

EC is fine, you get a nice little sleep! It's the wait until transfer and the TWW which is the hard part. Having done it three times, I recommend you keeping as busy as you can and staying off the internet otherwise if you're like me, you'll drive yourself crazy xx

Helsbee16 Mon 07-Oct-19 06:36:44

Good luck today @Stacey2007. I'll be thinking of you ❤️ x

Stacey2007 Mon 07-Oct-19 07:43:49

Thankyou @Helsbee16 I’ll be on this afternoon to update 🤞🏼

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Stacey2007 Mon 07-Oct-19 14:59:46

Hi everyone so all went okay, your all right it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 33 eggs have been collected 😮 x

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