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Rubella (MMR) vaccinations NHS Funded IVF Scotland

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Freespirit24 Thu 03-Oct-19 23:01:23

Hi all,

I just recieved a letter in the post today informing me that my first IVF apt is on Tuesday as they had a cancallation. In the letter it was saying that I need to get Rubella vacines done by GP or to bring certficates from my GP to confirm that I have had these done.

I have googled this and am I right in thinking that I probably had these vacines as a child? Do I need to get them done again, is it just a matter of getting prove from my GP?

What are peoples experiences of this if that is okay to ask?

dementedpixie Thu 03-Oct-19 23:21:17

Depends what age you are as to what vaccines you got. In my day we got a stand alone rubella vaccine and mmr came Iater (1988 I think)

Freespirit24 Thu 03-Oct-19 23:38:22

Hi thanks for response, I am 32 years old so I am not sure but is this something you need to get again if you have had it as a child?

smith1986 Thu 03-Oct-19 23:45:39

@freespirit, i was 32 and had to be tested at docs for rubella i didn't have the antibodies so had to have the jab again (i had when younger also) it delayed my treatment a couple of months.

nearlyfinished1moreyear Thu 03-Oct-19 23:48:34

I had to get mine redone aswell I'm 32

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