PCOS/ erectile issues

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Lrv1987 Thu 03-Oct-19 20:06:44

I'm so sorry @Mycrazylife85 - that sounds so difficult.
My ex had erectile issues for our whole relationship- and it was hard - but we just kept talking and we're honest- and that's all you can do. He did take both Cialis and Viagra (not at same time) and the side effects weren't great for him (headaches)- but they did help. Those issues were nothing to do with our break up and we are friends now- but we both agree we managed that side of our relationship well- communication was key for us- and compromise. Things got
Worse for him when we were trying for kids - that was the pressure I think - and viagra helped then. We didn't have kids in the end but that's because we split quite soon after trying.

My new partner and I have just been to Brno for IVF ( he has vasectomy - so we had to have extraction) not sure if it's worked yet- but ivf abroad is much cheaper and worth considering.

I hope things get better for you- the sex thing with ED is so so difficult - I really feel
For you. Maybe try some new things? Something different - relax into a bit for him and see how you get on xxx

Mycrazylife85 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:45:58

Says it all really. It's truly heartbreaking. I'm 34, off the pill 10 months having been on it 17 years. Diagnosed PCOS when I was 16. Managed to get my periods down to 37-40 days through diet and exercise but I have 9-10 days of period, old blood for at least 5 of those days so I'm off to the doctors later in the month.

No idea why though, we can't have sex due to husbands ED. He has been prescribed Viagra and having not wanted to take it, it's the only likely thing that could help so reckon we'll give it a go. We manage maybe once a month. It's been a problem for around 15 years but it's worse now.

Sex is the last thing either of us want to try again though. It's a kick in the heart every time it doesn't work for both of us. On holiday at the moment and we still haven't been successful. It's ruined a fair few days and it's utterly devastating. For me and him. We've both discussed it's giving IVF a go once, and that'll be us done. Think we'll need to wait another year before we can get referred.

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